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Abigail Jones...North Carolina native, born and bred. My work is a visual diagram of my life; it is my story. The conceptual themes lying within each piece I create address my beliefs, fears, struggles, and joys prevalent in everyday life. I can never say life has been easy, but I can always say it has been hopeful and I have known the love a Savior. My artwork has been my testimony, it is how I bring to light the grace and love Jesus Christ has shown me.


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Artist Statement

This piece is an oil painting depicting my sister being wrapped up in feathers which in turn, assemble a wing like form. My process behind this painting began when I started to use wings as a symbol for healing. I studied multiple wing forms, from feathered bird wings, to various types of insect wings. In this study I found myself fascinated with the structure, strength, and agility found in all wing-like forms. Connecting this study with verses referencing wings in the Bible I was able to use them as a symbol reflecting God's grace, love, and mercy.

How it fits into contest

The depiction of wings represents the multiple ways I have begun to heal within my life. These wings serve as a representation of comfort and faith, they act as a cornerstone amongst all that surrounds them. The assemblage of feathers coming together to create a wing-like form speaks to the importance of being shrouded in God's love and accepting the protection he has provide for us. This painting touches on the emotional struggles I have undergone concerning the death of my father, my depression, my physical health, the effects of my father’s alcoholism, and the great effort for my family to meet their financial needs. But, most importantly, this painting is a reflection of the grace and healing I have received throughout all I have encountered. It is a depiction of how I have found hope in something greater than myself, and greater than the pain I have experienced.


Abigail Jones

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Original- oil on linen

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