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Molly Hedglen is a 32-year-old artist from Monroe, MI. She attended community college on an art scholarship, but is mainly self-taught. She uses many mediums, but specializes in acrylic painting, because at 9-years-old her grandfather bought her her first acrylic paint set. Every painting since then has been a thank you to him for believing in her potential. Although mainly doing commissioned work for clients for many years, she also has exhibited some of her work in a local boutique, and taught painting classes. She hopes to one day see her work in a gallery.





Artist Statement

Acrylic on canvas. This piece is one of the most personal pieces I’ve done. When I was 3 I almost lost my life to a tumor, when I was 16 I was involved in a bad car accident while taking my driver’s test. I currently am dealing with a chronic pain and fatigue illness that has completely changed my life. All of these things require facing fear and finding acceptance. It’s a battle. My battle, but I know that in each stage of my life my faith and trust in God has upheld me. And I have found a way to thank Him for these battles, because in them I feel His presence the most. When I paint original pieces I always paint things with a deeper emotional meaning. So in this piece you are seeing me in surrender and what God’s presence feels like to me. It surrounds me.

How it fits into contest

There’s a song that goes “this is how I fight my battles (arms stretched high in surrender tonight) may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You.” In Ephesians 6:10-20 God is our armor and when we put His strength onto our weakness, he protects from the flaming arrows of evil. He keeps us from the darkness and surrounds us with light. It talks about standing your ground and being firm in your faith, and to me that means kneeling and with our arms stretched in surrender we break the chains of this world. With his mighty hands he puts out the fire and washes us clean. He restores us.


Molly Hedglen- artist

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Original work $300. Contact me if interested in ordering prints

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I do direct commissions and murals

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