luis padron

Artist bio

I have been carving stone and wood for a few years.


El Bautista



Artist Statement

I do my carvings to glorify God either thru Bible stories or thru creation.

How it fits into contest

As John suffered decapitation by the Romans for his believe in Christ, we should be ready to do the same. The spiritual armor of God enables us to stand firm in the faith, the helmet by protecting our mind (thoughts), the sword since it is the word of God and faith comes by reading it, the shield, knowledge of the bible guides us to defeat satan as Jesus did during his 40 days of trials, the girdle of truth, the word of God ( The bible) the only source I trust, the breastplate, since we are not righteous, I believe this to be the righteousness of Christ , and we put it on by remembering and meditating what the Lord taught us, also the mention of the feet, I think this is done by witnessing even by giving out tracks with the gospel of salvation written on it. And also pray, pray and pray.

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