Artist bio

I am an artist living and working in Chicago. The piece that I have submitted is fundamental to all our lives and we ignore it at our peril. I yearn for people to visualize the travails suffered in the Garden at the hands of the Devil and that we shall learn from that lesson.


The Garden



Artist Statement

The sculpture is made in an antique box with a painted plaster figurine surrounded by wooden trees with plastic leaves and a paper-mache serpent and plaster apple. Small wooden boards are in the trees. The figure of Eve turns around by using a crank on the side of the box.

How it fits into contest

This is the site of the original battle with the devil, the tempter here on Earth. Peter warned that "the devil walks around like a roaring loon, seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8) But lions also stalk with great stealth. The devil pursues us relentlessly, assessing whether we might most easily be tempted by high things or low. This has been employed since the beginning and must be addressed constantly throughout our lives.


I created the whole piece myself.

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