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This is Dipannyta and since childhood I am passionate about art. I have inculcated this from my father who is a born artist in many creative field. I have participated in many art exhibition and sold have my Art for charity . My profession I am a manager in a bank in CANADA. I also own a business in CANADA with my spouse. My paintings are based out of portrait and abstract . I am the only one participating in the painting I am uploading


Balance of Life



Artist Statement

Abstract Art - Balance of life
A msg to the world through my Art which depicts- The destruction of Mother Nature by human race, now the world is bleeding where ppl are dying due to the deadly Covid-19 , the Art shows different layers of the world, animal and environment which has got effected.
However, there is still hope and together with love & care we can overcome this deadly war against the virus and make the world a better place.

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Because of the Covid-19 it’s seen that all of the world is under lockdown. The churches, temples, mosques and pilgrimage everything is shut.
The emphasis here is God is within us and by spreading love towards Mother Nature, animal and humans that is how God is found. The divinity lies within ones body and soul. Therefore, it’s very important that the Mother Nature is protected for us to live. We are the destroyer, hence this is destined.
We need to sacrifice in order to have a balance of life. Spread love and respect humanity.


Dipannyta Chatterjee-Self

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This is original painting created by me.

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Canvas, acrylic paint

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