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My name is Dzoara Pereyra, I'm Dominican/Venezuelan. I have been interested in arts, photography and filmmaking since I was in High School. I born in a family who taught me values and how to help other people, now as a filmmaker I know that I can do it, showing and making a impact in the world. Paula Pereyra - Actress Financial Management and Audit Student from Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. This is my first participation in a short film as the main role. Pamela Pereyra - Actress Bachelor in Social Communication Audiovisual Production graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. Graduated from Digital Cinema at Tompkins Cortland Community College of New York, from Photography and Photographic Lighting at FS Taller Digital and from Cinema at Academia Cinema Taller. She has worked in many short films holding different responsibilities , being "Netflix and Chill?" her first short film as a director. In the year 2019, she finished co-directing and co-producing the short film "At night this is not my home" with Luis González as a university project. She is currently working as a Creative Producer on the documentary feature ¨Bōru¨, which tells the life of Dominican baseball players in Japan. The short film "Warrior" is her first participation as an actress.





Artist Statement

While the world is going through rough times, Valentina has the task to find a way to show that God is with us and that we all have the faith of a warrior inside us, but before she shows the world, she must start with her friend.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians says, the struggle of human beings is not of flesh and blood, our struggle as human beings is with that which we cannot see, that, that attacks us and attacks those we love, Satan would never want to see us saved, he just want us to go through bad ways.

We all have a purpose, we are all warriors in God's eyes, we all have salvation in our hands. The best way to create God's army is to start with our family, with those that we love and those who have lost the faith in God. Through her prayer, our main character Valentina asks God for the answer to help her friend with a broken faith, Valentina with the gift of prayer and the use of the correct word; she helps her friend to restore her faith in God with her faithful testimony that we all are become God's warriors.


Dzoara Pereyra


Paula Pereyra

Pamela Pereyra

Dzoara Pereyra
Isaac Morantus

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