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I'm Keneth Oldemar Muñoz Ramos I'm From Panamá, I'm the Creator and Founder of "Los Vagos Entertainment" a YouTube channel made to upload our Latest Video Proyects, I'm a university student of Audiovisual Technology and Social Communication. I Really want to grow as a video director because I think I can make a good difference making videos and show people all my potential on video making, and also to help people to understand more about the world of cinematography and Visual Arts in General, Im a big fan of Movies. I consider myself a really spiritual person and I want to make a change in the way people think and sees life all with the power of the visual arts, I want to inspire people and be inspired by people who appreciate filming as a really important art. i'm very excited with this contest and I really hope people could see our work and our talent. -Jeremy Concepción: (21 Years Old) From Panamá Second Hand of the Project, a Special member of the crew, He usually Appears in every video we do in our YouTube Channel as an actor. one close friend of mine and i trust him with this project because he has same goals as me. -Eduardo Castillo: (24 Years Old) From Panamá A very important member of the crew Too, his role in the team as an actor is real important, because he appears in a lot of videos Too in our channel. he has a disability but that doesn't stop him to achieve his goals as an actor. -Arlenee May: (20 years Old) From Panamá She is the Main Character in the video, Good Actress, I Choose her because is the Most Spiritual Girl I Know, none else than she deserve the role of the main character. We have done others videos but she doesn't like acting so much, this time i had to beg for his appearance and she finally accepted (All the Team members Agreed on the Conditions of the Contest)



Artist Statement

This Film was made to this contest, also was made during the Pandemic Situation we all are living now, We wanted to do it since we saw the Add on Social media, we as a group thought that it was a great opportunity not only to give us recognition but also to help us to make more videos with more production and more equipment, if we have the opportuity of winning sure.
We decided right away, and we couldn't begin early because of the actual pandemic situation since here in Panamá the quarantine was really strong, we couldn't get out to shoot, but we mannage to wait and shoot it all, with all the soursces we had, and all the precautions and all the rules of the quarantine, We travel 1 Hour from our city to a place were you can see the mountains in the background and the old factory was there too, we go because i thought it will be great to shoot far from home and the city.

So thats its pretty much everything, is a really hard work we has done as a team to show people that there is talent out there and in these times we are living now we all have to support Artist more than ever.

How it fits into contest

I Got inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20 on this line:
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms"

The story follows the journey of a girl who wants to make a change on his life, maybe because his past was very dark, (that's why she is wearing black), she visits this creepy place where she find a person who is like an authority and she feels really scary by him, she know that this person can erase his past and make her a better person but she still afraid of him.

But then she realizes that she doesn't have to be afraid at all, then she get to know him well in the little time they spent together, then she realized she was wrong about him and then he reveal a book that could be anything that the spectator likes, could be the bible, could be anything that you want, she reads that and make her change and awake, the burning rose represents his past being deleted at all to make a new spiritual life.

Then she change his clothes from dark black to a peace white, which represents the new beginning of his life after reading this book, and she got sleep to awake as a new person more capable of herself, more conscious of her reality and above all, more human.


1-Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Keneth Oldemar

2-Actor/Camera/Shoot By: Jeremy Concepción

3-Actress/Support: Arlenee May

4-Actor/Support: Eduardo Castillo

*Location Support: Carmen Ramos

*Credits to Royalty Free Composer: Savfk
for the Song Used in this Video: "Deep"
Online Link:

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The Video "Rose" is for Free,
its Available to anyone who want to see it on YouTube,
as well to all the Artwork, and Behind Scenes.

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-Video Editor
-Filmmaking in General

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*This video doesn't have dialogues.

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