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I was born in Ventura California, I started acting in high school. What started as a hobby has grown into a driven desire to produce impactful films of excellence. Over the course of my college career, I have appeared in over eleven theater productions and eight short films. Some of his roles include playing Roger in the musical ‘Rent,’ and Macbeth in the timeless Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth.’ I have a passion for acting and film production. Ever since my time in YWAM (Youth With a Mission) I can’t help but express my creativity through films. I hope to create content that represents the power, passion, and love of God in an authentic way that resonates with the human spirit. I am currently finishing my last year at Bethel Conservatory of the Arts to get my Bachelor’s degree in Acting.


Story Time



Artist Statement

I had recently filmed a student project of David performing a Psalmic monologue. I really liked the look and feel of the footage and we still had extra beautiful shots that were not used in the project. So when I heard of the Engage art competition I began to think of ways I could use the footage that wasn’t used to make a cohesive story. I tried to find ways to connect the story of David to the modern day spiritual warfare of Christian life. I quickly thought of connecting David to the present world through a bedtime story between a father and her daughter. The new scenes instantly made the film more heartfelt and gave space to create a sweet but powerful message within the short story. After filming my team and I began rearranging the script to really highlight the tender moments. Even though the shots were originally not intended to be edited together we were able to take two different worlds and combining them into one, creating one overlapping story. I believe we were able to create a bridge between spiritual warfare of both the old and new testaments. I love to produce epic films but I believe for the message to be impactful, they must be relevant and believable for your audience and I believe we accomplished our goal.

How it fits into contest

To me, David represents in the physical world how our warfare should be handled in the spiritual world. Even though David was strong and anointed, he maintained a deep unwavering reliance on God. David knew how to strengthen himself in the Lord and stand firm against the enemy. While David physically suits up for battle, we get to spiritually suit up! David kept a tender heart towards God but still dealt fiercely with his enemies, he was a powerful warrior and a passionate worshipper. David’s preparation for a physical battle gives an epic illustration of what we get to do in the spirit. Though we do not fight against people as David did, we as Christians get to suit for a battle that is just as if not more epic! A little girl singing praises to God may look very different but it is just as powerful. We have traded in our swords and armor for truth, holiness, peace, faith, salvation, and the word of God, to dismantle the plans of the enemy through prayer and worship.


Director/Writer/Producer - Jason Koch

Cinematographer - Japheth Mast

2nd Cinematographer - Christian McKean

Editors - Jason Koch & Christian McKean

Music By - Sebastian Walter Watzinger

David Jason Koch

Dad John Paul Rittell

Daughter Evangeline Rittell

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Jason Koch is a trained actor and is open to acting roles.

Transcript / Lyrics

Opening Title:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

INT. CAVE – morning

DAVID hunches over a candle, barely illuminating his face as he kneels by a piece of parchment. The cave walls are close and shadows of the flickering light dance around him.


Please, God, show me mercy!

Pour out your grace,

for you are my soul’s shelter.

I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings,

under the wings of your angels,

until this storm is past.

DAVID crumples the parchment and holds it to the candle, it begins to burn and he tosses it away. The burning parchment fades out of focus and DAVID draws another piece from his satchel. He begins to furiously write.

David V.O.

For I am surrounded by fierce and brutal men.

Like lions wanting to tear me to shreds.

Why must I continue to live among these seething terrorists,

breathing out their angry threats and insults against me? God, only you can save me.

DAVID throws down the pen and blows out the candle, walking out of the cave.

David begins to sharpen his sword. There is a fiery resolve.


There is only one strong and secure place for me;

In God alone whom I love!

And I will sing of the one who gives victory to kings—

the one who rescues David, your loving servant,

from the fatal sword.

He stabs the sword into the ground.

Our enemies will not invade our land!

int. Bedroom - Night

Child is sitting on Dad's lap while reading a children's book about DAVID on the bed. A lamp illuminates the room. The child has a look of confusion on his/her face.


Our enemies will not invade our land! So David was on a journey and he ran away.


Wait. Why did David run away?


Well, I don't know, sometimes people get afraid.


He was afraid?


Yes, he was really scared, and David sang to God...




Singing to God is a great way to gain strength.


Why singing?


Because worship is a great way to build faith, and strong faith is hard to stop.




Let's continue. (Clears his throat) And David continued to sing.

ext. creek - day

David is singing near a quiet stream singing of God's faithfulness.

Where can I go from your Spirit

Where can I flee from your presence

If I fall to the depths you hear it

If I rise to the heavens Lord I know

You’ll always be there

You hand hold me fast

I will not fear

Your faithfulness lasts

INT. CAVE – morning

Dad begins to move off the bed while preparing his child for sleep. Child is still awake and ready to read more.


(beat) Well! That's it for tonight.


What! We can't end there.


We'll read the rest tomorrow.






Will I ever be a warrior like David one day?


You already are.

Child begins to sing the same song David sang quietly before falling asleep. Dad overhears it and rushes back in the room full of love.


But your prayers can stop the tickle monster.

Dad begins to playful tickle his kid.


(Giggling) Daddy stop it.


Love you!


Love you too!

Dad walks out and closes the door. Child begins to worship the Lord before she finally falls asleep.

End title: (Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. Psalm 8:2)

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