Artist bio

Natalia is a multimedia producer, born and raised in Santo Domingo about 22 years ago. From a very young age she has been passionate about music and digital arts and has had the privilege to serve God and the church through her talents for the past 10 years. After graduating from college in 2019, she started working with her close friends on some projects including podcast production, digital animation, and content creation for social media. Through these projects, she wants to spread God’s message of love and hope to both believers and non-believers.


Battle for LIFE



Artist Statement

From the moment I first heard this song, it made me think of an internal battle. On my mind I could imagine someone struggling with hard feelings, and fighting against them. And when I read what this contest was about, I knew this was the story I had to share.

So I gathered my friends and we arranged and filmed it in one day. Then it took me months to finally finish the animation and the effects.

How it fits into contest

The biblical text in Ephesians 6: 10-20 tells us of a battle; a battle against the forces of evil. But when this fight is over, what will be the prize? What are we fighting for? We fight for our lives. We constantly fight against death to gain a life that transcends time and space. That is why this fight is not external but is fought within our hearts; and our weapons are not physical, but spiritual help that God gives us so that we can be victorious.

And when it seems that we are losing the battle, God takes us in his arms and fights for us. He saves us from death over and over again, and brings us back to life, for He himself is life.


Actor: Jafet Ariel Sánchez
Director / Producer: Natalia Pucheu
Camera / Photography: Keyla Zorrilla
Editing / Animation: Natalia Pucheu
Music: “Life” by EPIC the band

Special thanks to:
Abdiel & Abdías Peguero
Caroline and Elías Ariel (Jafet’s family)
Lidia Pucheu

Transcript / Lyrics

Song Lyrics

“Life” by EPIC The Band

Verse 1:
Lord, you give me rest
When I have nothing left
You find me wandering in all this mess

Lord, oh there You are
When I've gone too far
You give me peace to ease this troubled heart

Oh Lord,
Make me not afraid
And when I lose my way
Give me faith
Through all the heavy rains

Oh Lord,
Help me understand
Exactly who I am
In the midst of all Your unknown plans

Oh Lord, my life is in Your hands
Oh Lord, for You I'll always stand
On Earth my soul is weary
How I long to taste Your glory
Oh Lord, my life is in Your hands
My life is in Your hands

As I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
I will feel no distress

And as I wade into wages of the
Most daunting fights
As the darkness consumes me
I can still see the light

And as I drown in the waters
I can still feel Your grace
And as I look up above me
I can make out Your face

And I understand
I understand
My life is in your hands

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