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I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a lover of the performing arts. I am passionate about singing and serving others through the ministry of music and I have been doing so for approximately 16 years. I hope one day to blessed to do music professionally as my career.


Invisible Battle


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

This song speaks to fact we sometimes forget as Christians that the battle that we fight is not a physical one but a spiritual one. We tend to focus on the physical and then take out our anger and frustrations on others, b
ut our responsibility is to bring our selves and our hearts to the Lord so that he can change us from within and teach us to deal with the struggles and troubles of life. When we put on the whole armour of God (which is basically filling our minds and hearts with His word so that He can make us more like Him) then we are more able to overcome and succeed in our everyday lives and in the battles that we fight in our minds.
The video stars a wife who has struggled with anger and had a tendency to fight with other people. In the video she is fighting with her husband but ultimately realizes that she should not be taking that approach and that her wrathful behavior is giving place to the devil in her heart. So she begins to read her Bible, pray and seek the Lord to help her to change and to deal with her struggles, and so she finds peace and resolution with her husband.

How it fits into contest

The scripture in Ephesians speaks to us putting on the whole armour of God so that we can stand against the wiles of the enemy. One of the main ways that the enemy attacks us is through our minds, and when he does so it usually comes out in a negative way in our actions and emotions. Putting on the armor of God through his Word helps to us to guard the vulnerable areas of our heart and mind from the enemy. This video illustrates this principle by showing that when we do not immerse ourselves in the word of God we are left open to the devil's traps and we will behave unseemly or inappropriately. But when the word of God is in our heart we will exhibit the fruit of the spirit; temperance, meekness, kindness, love etc.


Lyricist/Singer/Performer - Christina Reid
Music Composer & Producer - Keville Rodney
Videographer & Male Actor - Rhoan Reid
Video Editors: Christina Reid & Rhoan Reid

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Transcript / Lyrics

Verse 1
I used to wake up
Sword drawn and arrows raised
Thought I saw the enemy in other people's face
I thought the wrath of man could do the work of God, you see
But then I realized if I do, the enemy is me

I am fighting an invisible battle
And my victory is not in my handle
If I put His armour on my life
Then I'd have the strength I need to fight and stand in Him, in this invisible battle

Verse 2
I had to understand
If I fight alone I'd never win
The only sword I need
Is the sword of the Spirit that cuts deep within
It can reach the heart and it looks past the appearance of man
And removes every darkness so His light can shine down deep within

Wasted time thinking I'd have the strength to fight but I quickly realized
If God is on my side, I just need to stand in Him and let Him do the fighting

Chorus 2
I am fighting an invisible battle
And my victory it's all in God's handle
If I put His armour on my life
Then I'd have the strength I need to fight and stand in Him, in this invisible battle

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