Artist bio

Filmmaker/ Emerging artist competent in producing, directing and editing different types of productions. Perfectionist with charismatic personality and visionary perception as well as a team player. Currently building portfolio of Video and Photo content with aspirations to grow as an professional artist and open her own business in Winnipeg Manitoba. Accomplishments Dubtrak - “Elephant” ( April 2020) Video promotion for new Album release (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP ) Monkey On My Back" (March 2020) Music video for Winnipeg group "The Smokin' Joes" (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP) " The Dream Job" (January 2020) Short movie created as a final product of Basic Film Workshop organized by Winnipeg Film Group. (Vision/ Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP) ”Darkness" ( March 2019) Music video for Winnipeg group "The Smokin' Joes" (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP)


Monkey On My Back



Artist Statement

Monkey on My Back is a song written and performed by the Blues/Rock band I am collaborating with, The Smokin' Joes.

The theme of that song is a reflection of a genuine experience in the struggle with addiction.
The video is showing the main character in the vicious circle of addiction. The monkey character represents the drug dealers and the manifestation of drugs and alcohol addiction itself.

Our character keeps taking the easy way to escape which only closes him tighter in the addiction circle and makes it easier for the monkey to find him wherever he goes, educating us at the end that the monkey is a projection of his own mind.

How it fits into contest

Addicion is one of the most powerful and controlling demons in modern society. Alcohol and drugs are the devil in disguise who offers tempting but artificial relief to our pain for the price of a soul.
The mission of this video is to educate that trying to escape from demons by ingesting their poison is a dead end.
The only way to step out of that cirle and stand the chance in this battle is identifying the enemy hiding inside us and fight, not against flesh and blood but against the powers of this dark world and spiritual forces of evil.


Michael McNeil, Lyle Brown

Michael McNeil, Lyle Brown

Video Producer
Barbara Tomczyk, Michael McNeil

Video Director
Barbara Tomczyk

Barbara Tomczyk

Director of Photography
Barbara Tomczyk

First Camera Operator
Patryk Szmidt

Second Camera Operator
Barbara Przecherka


Adrian Rzetelski Addict
Barbara Przecherka Female from memories
Michael McNeil Monkey

How to Purchase this Artwork

The video is uploaded for the public viewing on Youtube and Facebook page of recording artist The Smokin' Joes as well as my Video work Facebook and Vimeo page

Transcript / Lyrics

What is going on?
The Liquor is all gone
And no pot to be found
All these monkeys are runnin’ round my head
I can’t sleep
And I can’t think
All these monkeys keep telling me what to think

Now it’s dawn
And I’m all alone
Just sitting, pullin’ wire round my head
Keep seeing the monkeys
Looking in from the door
Is this for real? Or is it really the deal?
Or is it my mind flowing out of my head?
These crazy monkeys are really doing me in

The ornaments are starting to move
And I think they’re onto me
I’ve gotta get into another groove
Cause I’m sweating and shaking alone
These damn silly monkeys just won’t let me go
The walls are too high
And the lights are too bright
Looks like the monkeys
Put me back into my cage

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