Artist bio

Stephanie Childers-White is a consummate praise and worship leader and accomplished musician. She is a career music professional and educator with over twenty-years of progressive experience as a music director, praise and worship leader, choral director, and mass choir director. Childers-White is skilled in music theory, composition, scoring, charting, and teaching at all grade levels. She is also adept in playing organ, keyboards, and piano while ministering, singing, and teaching Sacred Choral Music, Contemporary Choral Music, Contemporary Christian Music, Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Opera, and Vocal Jazz. She is experienced in developing and leading worship ministries, building teams, and empowering volunteers, and is skilled in the design, production, and execution of seasonal and liturgical ceremonies, celebrations, commemorations, and special events. Stephanie is an ordained worship minister, vocal coach, and music instructor with undergraduate and post-graduate education. For eight years, she has taught in the Akron Public School system as a music educator and community advocate. Minister Stephanie is highly regarded for her creative range and versatility in the praise and worship ministry and she has traveled throughout the United States and abroad to minister through song, prophecy, the preached word, and instrumental music. When it comes to setting the atmosphere for praise and worship, Stephanie’s ministry is powerfully multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-denominational. She is able to flow through the anointing to any age group and denomination to set the atmosphere. Stephanie was born and raised in the Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of the Truth of Akron, Ohio where she began to develop her musical skills and her walk with Christ. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of eight and received the Holy Spirit at the age of 13. As a youngster, she cultivated a strong interest in singing, songwriting, and the piano. As a result, she attended the performing arts schools within the Akron Public School District where she sharpened her musical abilities. She continued her education at the University of Akron to study piano and choral music education where she received her Bachelor’s degree and certified teaching credentials in 2010. At the age of 18, Minister Childers-White accepted her call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a dynamic preacher who flows prophetically in healing, miracles, signs, wonders, with depth, accuracy, and clarity. Minister Stephanie has had incredible mentors along her journey who have helped her develop into the anointed woman of God that she is today. Minister Terrence Duncan of Shelton Church of God in Christ-Akron is one of her mentors who taught her how to flow musically through the Holy Spirit with excellence. She received in-depth prophetic training and ministry mentoring under the tutelage of Apostle Joseph Prude of New Hope Fellowship Church in Cleveland, Ohio. She also received mentoring and training in the preached word from Bishop Kenneth Paramore of the Christ Centered Church of Barberton, Ohio. For the past 21 years, Stephanie has served in ministry as a minister of music, psalmist, music director, choir director, mentor, songwriter, organist, keyboardist, and pianist. Stephanie teaches a powerful workshop where she instructs people how to effectively flow as a psalmist and minstrel. Her experience also includes ministry on a mega-church level. She is the former Music Director at the 4000 member Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC) in Pittsburgh, PA. At ACAC, she ministered during four Sunday worship services while coordinating the activities of 125 congregants who were a part of the choir, orchestra, four worship bands, four worship teams, and eleven worship leaders. From February through August 2019, Stephanie worked with the GMWA Ohio Chapter Leadership (Gospel Music Workshop of America) and was selected to present an original song entitled “Hold On”, which as co-written with the legendary singer-songwriter, Minister Babbie Mason. She presented the song during the New Music Seminar at the annual international GMWA convention in Washington, D.C. in July. Additionally, she served as a lead soloist, organist, bandleader and producer on the main stage, and made history as an organist and producer in the first all-female band for the GMWA Men’s Division. Stephanie is the CEO of True Sound School of Music (TSSM). True Sounds is a school of worship, music theory, and multi-instrument instruction. True Sound’s programs exist to develop and sharpen the gifts, talents, skills, and ministry of worship leaders, psalmists, minstrels, musicians, and music directors. Stephanie is committed to developing the next generation of high impact worshipers and ministers with the mission of advancing the kingdom. Minister Stephanie is happily married to Eric M. White, a noted business executive, and conference speaker. She also has a son named Judah who is natural born worshiper and a minstrel in training. Stephanie is not ashamed of the gospel and she proclaims it at every opportunity in order to win souls for Christ and convey the kingdom standards of holiness, consecration, and love. Craig DiRienzo is a video producer living in Akron, Ohio working full-time at Pritt Entertainment Group. Here he does video production, animation, and motion graphics for a variety of clients including sports, city, corporate, and non-profit. Both independently and in his free time, he pushes to create meaningful, spiritual, Christian content. It is his dream to create this content full-time and explore filmmaking the deepens the viewer's faith, grows them stronger to Christ, or introduces/reconnects them to the Lord. James Miller is a video producer living in Akron, Ohio working full-time at Pritt Entertainment Group. Here he does video production, animation, and motion graphics for a variety of clients including sports, city, corporate, and non-profit. Wes McCraw started Creekside Audio with one goal in pursue his dream of making a career of recording, producing and performing music. Another dream was to help clients to achieve their own music and audio production goals as well. For nearly two decades Wes has enjoyed success as a music producer, audio engineer, guitarist, composer, and sound effects designer. As a performer his skills as a guitarist have taken him all over the country and abroad. As a producer / engineer he has produced audio content for some heavy hitters in the industry including; MTV, PBS Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Hasbro Toys, American Greetings, Sesame Street Inc, and In 2014 he mixed, mastered, and composed (3) original music pieces for the full length film documentary, Collecting Sgt. Dan...winner of the Marine Corps Heritage Award (Norman Hatch) Award Best Documentary 2014. The film also won the "My Hero International Film Festival Award". Wes also produced Jazz music artist Michael Egleton's 2014 CD release, "A Look Into My Heart" which won the 2014 Ohio Music Awards-Best Adult Contemporary CD. For the last several years Wes has served as an advisor on the Digital Media Advisory Committee at Stark State College in Canton Ohio. Creekside Audio is the culmination of a dream and years of real-world experience. Whether you're an Artist or a content provider, cost effective quality audio production and a long list of satisfied clients are just two reasons why Wes McCraw and Creekside Audio are names to remember. Sheena Austin is a praise and worship leader and she serves at Allegheny Center Alliance Church. She Loves the Lord and enjoy spending time with her family. Judah Childers-Is a straight A student and currently attends Miller South School for the Visual and performing Arts for drums. He currently plays guitar, piano and he also sings. He occasionally plays guitar and drums at New Hope Fellowship International that is located in Cleveland Ohio. Eric White Fundraising & Capacity Consultant, and Capital Formation Expert. Former Director of Development at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Major Gift Director at Duke University Medical Center, and Senior Assistant during the 2009 Pittsburgh G-20 Summit. He cultivated and recruited Duke University Medical Center's first billionaire donor, and has participated in two $2 billion dollar capital campaigns. Prior to his work at Duke, he was the Director of Corporate and Individual Giving at Saint Augustine's College where he worked closely with the corporate community and traveled with the College's President in the advancement of the institution's major gift objectives that included collaborations with the NBA, Citigroup, Aaron Spelling Productions, McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, the Equitable, TLC Beatrice International Holdings, and CSPAN. In 2015, he co-produced the Global Venturing Israel Medtech & Inclusive Innovation Conference, which featured 12 technology firms from the State of Israel, in association with the University of Pittsburgh Katz School Of Business, The Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, and The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Eric is a seasoned special event executive having produced a 2006 motivational speaking and musical presentation at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The Spanish and Korean language event showcased 15 international musical acts and foreign language speakers over three nights to a live MSG audience of 22,000 and was simultaneously broadcast via 24 satellites to 190-plus countries and translated into eight languages. He also produced three events for the 2009 Pittsburgh G-20 Summit, and during his tenure as a Pittsburgh City Council aide in 1990 he arranged audiences with notables such as President Nelson Mandela, Luciano Pavarotti, Janet Jackson, Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger, Geraldo Rivera, and Joan Rivers, and coordinated communication logistics for the 70,000 delegate National Progressive Baptist Convention in Pittsburgh on behalf of the Mayor's Office.


Put on the Armor of God


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

Due to the COVID, many things have been hindered including large worship gatherings. This video starts off with me reminiscing about preaching at church and fellowshiping with God’s people. I then get up out of my seat, walk to my sliding glass door and begin to pray. While I am praying I get a revelation about praising and worshiping God at home. My son Judah and I make eye contact because we both know that worship changes the atmosphere. Judah begins to pick the keyboard up so that I can play and worship God. Judah and my husband Eric started transforming our living room into a sanctuary. In the video I began to go Live for my Facebook broadcast called Monday Manna. Monday Manna is something I do every Monday on Facebook Live at 6:00 p.m. EST. Monday Manna is something I do in real life and is an online ministry. Prior to the pandemic I would give a short word of encouragement, sing, or play a short worship song on the piano. This past March, the Lord told me to start doing prophetic worship on my Monday Manna Broadcast. Monday Manna the last few months has become a lifeline for people. I have received so many testimonies of people being healed, delivered, and set free. Many people have testified about the word of the Lord manifesting and coming to pass in their lives. Many people during this time have called me for counsel, advice, encouragement, prophecy and prayer. People have been blessed through my obedience of going the extra mile on the Monday Manna Broadcast. Sheena Austin who is in my music video has been blessed by Monday Manna. In the video you see her watching me sing my song on the Monday Manna broadcast. During the Monday Manna Broadcast, I gave her a word of prophecy that God was going to continue to heal her heart from the past and bring in Mr. Right. I met Sheena six years ago when I was a worship pastor at a church. During this time she was going through a divorce and we would pray together. When I left the church about 3 years ago we did not keep in touch. I recently noticed that she would tune into Monday Manna. When I spoke with her over the phone yesterday, she mentioned that everything that I had prophesied was true and was coming to pass in her life. She said that emotionally she is in a much better place and that she is currently dating someone who is treating her right. In the Music Video, Sheena wasn’t acting, but she was crying tears of joy as I was speaking over her life during the Monday Manna Broadcast. Sheena was gracious enough to agree to film herself watching Monday Manna on her own. Craig is the film director, cinematographer, and editor for the music video. In my music video, Craig and I wanted to capture real moments in the video of the Facebook Live ministry Monday Manna that has been happening beyond the limitations of social distancing. I praise God for this because I feel like we were able to capture a part of this. Even though we were limited to filming locations due to the Corona Virus, Craig filmed in my home. Craig used a Sony A7III and Stephanie's lights to get interesting composition and beautiful lighting. Judah even filmed with the camera a little bit. We also put the blue screen up and added visual effects when I was wearing the army attire in the video. The army clothing is symbolic of the real warfare that we are in. Craig is able to mimic the look of demons in the background. He also puts shots of angels in the background towards the end of the video. During the shoot we were having conversations and we were drawn to the idea to film outside because it was a beautiful sunset and it would add an extra layer to the video. We were able to film beautiful shots during the sunset while practicing social distancing. Craig used a Ronin-S and a ND filter to capture stunning visuals while I walked in the sunset with the sun behind her. With the army attire we were going for a military vibe but the sunset reflects the angelic side of praise, worship and prayer. Many aspects of this film were not a part of our original plan, but God started to allow certain elements to happen organically concerning the filming that we did not plan initially. For this I give God praise.

How it fits into contest

The song “Put on the Armor of God” is about Ephesians chapter 6 that talks about the seriousness of the spiritual warfare that we are in and how we have to fight. Satan has demons, chief demons, authorities, principalities powers, witches, warlocks, powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. This is not a fairy tale or make believe. I have personally had encounters in my life with witches. Six years ago I stayed in an apartment complex that had practicing witches who were high in rank. These women were not practicing Harry Potter to see if it was real, but they were strategic in spiritual warfare and were powerful. During this time I had received a preaching engagement that was about 45 minutes away from where I lived. As my friend Mary and I were driving to the service, a large black vulture came up from the side of the highway and attempted to charge into my windshield. Thank God there was not a car beside me and I was able to move the car over to the right lane of the highway. When I looked to the left of me the vulture completely took the left view mirror of my car, and when we looked in the rear-view mirror the left view mirror was on the highway and the vulture had vanished right before our eyes. The bottom line is we are in the midst of an organized warfare. Satan knows exactly what he is doing, he is strategic and he is not working alone. The Devil oversees demonic deities, principalities, imps, witches, warlocks and evil rulers who work diligently against those who are in the faith. Satan does not guess what can harm us, he has studied not only us, but our parents, and our ancestry line to send specific strategy plots and plans against us. That is why I sing this song with such passion and intensity because this war is real. The lyrics “Spiritual rulers, principalities. No corps that's crueler, than demonic deities” is a line that I have witnessed from my own personal experience and walk with God. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan doesn’t fight fair and neither does his demonic army. Nevertheless, we are soldiers in the army of the Lord and it is critical that we put on the armor of God so that we can effectively fight against the fiery darts, wiles, plots, schemes, and strategic battle plans of the enemy.

This passage of scripture mentions that we have to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. It addresses the fact that we are soldiers in the army of the Lord and the importance of putting on the armor of God so that we can effectively fight against the fiery darts, wiles, plots, schemes, and strategic battle plans of the enemies.

The lyrics “COVID’s a power that took many lives. No man knows their hour. That’s why you gotta know Christ.” We see the manifestation of COVID all around us. People are currently fighting for their lives who have contracted this virus and many people have died due to the CoronaVirus. The reality is COVID is a spirit of infirmity, but there is a disease that is greater than COVID and it is called SIN. We are all born with the disease of SIN, and if we die without knowing Jesus as our personal savior, we will go to hell for eternity and that is absolutely worse than having COVID. We don’t know when death will come knocking at our door but that is why we have to know Christ to make it into heaven.

As an African American woman in this day and age, I have been so crushed with the many George Floyd situations and scenarios. It has broken my heart to see my people mistreated not for any crime, but simply the color of skin. Many people look at the policemen as the enemy as it relates to police brutality but the fact of the matter is, Racism is a demonic power and it is a spirit that we cannot see. When police take lives due to skin color, that is a demonic spirit that is in operation. The man or the woman who operate under these spirits become vessels for demons to use. Many times we wonder why people do certain things or say certain things but it is because they are under the influence and control of the evil one and need deliverance. They need Jesus to come into their lives to deliver them from the spirits that possess them. This is the explanation of my lyrics of the song that says, “Cop Brutality is not what you think, the reality is there are demons with rank”.

The lyrics “Time to be fearless” enforces the fact that we need to put on the shield of faith. Fear is the opposite of having faith. This is not the time to be afraid but now is the time to stand in faith. The bible says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I need to have the word of God in my heart and trust in the Lord and acknowledge him in all my ways so that he can direct my path. When I have the shield of faith, I am able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked.

As hurtful and as frustrating police brutality is, we cannot use carnal weapons to fight spirits. I cannot fight the spirit of racism with a physical gun. I cannot fight COVID with a physical bomb. I cannot fight any demonic power or principality with a bazooka, but I have to fight in the spirit. Weapons like looting and violence are not the way to win against Satan’s kingdom. Many African Americans have become disheartened by the many George Floyds, Trayvon Martins, Sandra Blands, and countless others who have and have not been reported from slavery until the present day. As a result of the pain of rejection, the pain of being cheated, the pain of not being fully recompense from salvery, the pain of lynchings of loved ones, the pain of social injustice, the pain of cruelty, the pain of persecution, and the pain of post traumatic slave syndrome, some African Americans have resulted in looting and violence. Many people feel that peaceful protests and talks are not remedying the racism in America. Although that is true, that is not the way to fight racism in the world, “This is a Holy Protest” are other lyrics in this song. When we examine the Battle of Jericho, God gave Joshua specific directions about how the children of Israel needed to march around Jericho and what they needed to do each time they marched around. The children of Israel needed to march around the walls of Jericho silently six times without making any noise. On the seventh time, God instructed the priest to blow the trumpet, blow a ram’s horn, then the children of Israel to shout. When this happened the walls fell down. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of prayer and received specific directions from the Lord concerning the battle concerning Civil Rights. He marched at specific times, he gave his speeches at specific times, organized boycotts at specific times, and acted on events at specific times. He organized nonviolent protests that were done under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In both cases, Joshua and Martin Luther King Jr. participated in “Holy Protests” because they were sanctioned by God. The results of the holy protest were that the walls of Jericho fell down, and the walls of against Civil Rights fell down. Both of these situations demonstrated the results of fighting in the spirit and not in the flesh.

This leads to the next stanza of lyrics “Fight with the scripture and not with your fist. War with your prayers. Charge your angels to assist.” The bible says in Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful and sharper than any twoedged sword.” The word of God is one of the most powerful weapons that we have against the forces of darkness. We can also command our warring angels to assist us in battle and fight for us. The lyrics “This is a tussle that we cannot see. Get up and hustle resist the Devil he’ll flee” addresses the fact that this is a battle that cannot be seen with the physical eye. The lyrics “Praise is a weapon so is your worship. “Opens the heaven, it makes these forces worthless.” Our praise and our worship are weapons that we can use to drive out the enemy. As a praise and worship leader, I have personally witnessed people getting healed and delivered from spirits like depression through the power of God that is experienced through praise and worship. The next line of the song is “Be strong in the Lord, Be strong in His Might. Contest with your sword, We need to stand for what’s right.” In this day and age it is so important to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. We cannot fight this battle alone, we need Jesus to help us to fight in order to win our battles. God is so amazing that his strength is made perfect in our weakness. We might fall and feel defeated at times but God is with us. He will be our shield, our fortress and he will help us to slay every giant in our lives. It is also important that we take a stand for holiness, unity, love, peace and produce all of the fruits of the spirit. We need to take a stand against the works of the flesh.


Music, Lyrics, Performance, Instrumentation, and Production by Stephanie Childers-White
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by T. Wesley McCraw at Creekside Audio Studio
Music Video by Stephanie Childers-White and Craig DiRienzo
Cinematography by Craig DiRienzo
Filmed by Craig DiRienzo and Judah Childers
Edited by Craig DiRienzo and James Miller
Special thanks to Eric M. White, Judah Childers, Sheena Austin, and the Monday Manna community.

How to Purchase this Artwork

For purchase please contact me directly at 330-245-9349.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Stephanie gives virtual piano, organ, music theory and voice lessons via zoom. She also is available for workshops for worship departments virtually and also in person. Stephanie consultations worship leaders departments. Every Monday I do a Facebook Live Broadcast called Monday Manna at 6:00 p.m. EST on my personal Facebook page in which she sings prophetic worship and prophesy to people corporately and individually. Facebook Page She also provides professional also prophetic life coaching as well. Inquirers can contact her directly about all of the above at 330-245-9349.

Transcript / Lyrics

Put on the Armor of God
Written by: Stephanie Childers-White
(PureMusicSound ASCAP)

Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Put it on

(Verse 1)
Spiritual rulers
No corps that's crueler
Than demonic deities

Covid’s a power
That took many lives
No man knows their hour
That’s why you gotta know Christ

Cop brutality
Is not what you think
The reality
Is we fight demons with rank

Fight in the spirit
And not in the flesh
Time to be fearless
This is a holy protest

Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Put it on

(Verse 2)
Fight with the scripture
And not with your fist
War with your prayers
Charge your angels to assist

This is a tussle
That we cannot see
Get up and hustle
Resist the Devil he’ll flee

Praise is a weapon
So is your worship
Opens the heavens
It makes these forces worthless

Be strong in the Lord
Be strong in His might
Contest with your sword
We need to stand for what’s right

Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Oh, Put on the armor of God
Put it on
(Repeat 2 Times)

(Ad lib section during the Chorus)
When I clap my hands
And I do my dance
That is a weapon
Of mass destruction

I will fight for my life
In the name of Jesus Christ
Everything will be alright
If I keep my eyes on the price

I got my sword and my shield
I am holy spirit field
I’m going stay on my knees
Tell I see the victory

I’m a soldier in God's army
Nothing by any means can harm me
I’m a winner not a loser
Satan is a false accuser

I will praise Him through
Every circumstance
I’m going keep on marching
So that I can advance
Left right I am gonna stay in the fight
Left right it's going to be alright

Put it On
Put it on
Put it On

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