Artist bio

I am originally from Venezuela. At 17, I got a scholarship to study international baccalaureate in Germany for two year. After I got my IB diploma, I got another scholarship for the College of Idaho where I’m double majoring in International Political Economy and Marketing and Digital Media. The arts have always been part of my life. I did 8 years of art school when I was a kid, and continued it during my time in Germany. My favorite media is collage and wire sculpturing because I feel Lille there’s a lot of manipulation that can be done with both.


Nature and spirit


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The collages were made in Germany during a period of self discovery. Some collages can be overwhelming, and I wanted to go for a more minimalist approach.

How it fits into contest

The battle between good and evil had been a long standing one. It’s natural, and I’ll keep that way. There’s a little bit of both in each of us. What I tried to do with this collage series was to show that natural internal battle, showcased with natural elements from distinct contexts.


Debbie Nodder - art teacher. Helped me with conceptual ideas

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