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NAME: Raúl López Herrera DATE OF BIRTH: January 25, 1948 NACIONALITY: Mexican MAIN ACTIVITIES: Filmmaker, video maker, still photographer and digital artist (graphics and video) from 1970-2020. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Local history researcher, lecturer, international film festival director, art scholarship recipient, video producer, video instructor, cultural entrepreneur, book designer and book publisher, “Terra dell ´Arte” Italian cultural organization´s member (2015) Cultural entrepreneur Researcher and producer of the video series “Art and culture in Zacatecas (Mexico)” 1994-2010 Founder of “The Cellar” Art gallery and Screening room in Zacatecas, Mexico. 2004 Photography and digital graphics exhibitions. El Sótano (The Cellar) Art Gallery. Zacatecas, Mexico - “Ephemeral Spaces”. Digital art. 20011 - “Paris´ Sketches”. Photography and digital works. 2011 “Chimeras”. Photography. 2012 “Santiago de Compostela, Spain”. Photo reportage. 2014 - “Pilgrims”. Digital art and photography. 2015 - “Walkers of the tropics. Digital Works and photography. 2015 - “The colors of death”. Documentary book project. 2016 - “Beyond appearances”. Digital art book project. 2016 Museo Internazionale Dinamico di Arte Contemporanea. Bellforte del Chienti, Italy “Walkers of the tropics”. Exhibition of Digital art and photography. 2015 Video art screenings. “Moving paintings” Digital art. “Its Liquid” Festival. Venice, Italy 2018 Art Works in residence. “Man with clouds” and “Going South” Digital designs. Rossocinabro art gallery, Rome, Italy 2020 Prizes - “Homemade optical printer”. First Prize. “Super 8 filmmaker” magazine, San Francisco, California. 1983 - “Moon temple” and “Sound waves”. Digital art. Fifth place. 2007 “Ventipertrenta”. Museo Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea. Italy - “Chimeras”. Photography. Official Selection. 2011. PX3 Prix de la photographie. París, France. - “Self-portrait”. Digital art. Honorable mention. 2012 PX3 Prix de la photographie. París, France. - “Love beyond death”. Photography. Finalist. 2013 Phorographer´s Forum Magazine. Santa Bárbara, California. USA - “The door of the blind people” and “Brother Pablo María”. Digital art. First Prize and First prize International Audience Selection. 2014. “Ventipertrenta”. Museo Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea. Italy - “Available light”. Book Project. Honorable mention. 2014. Moscow International Photo Awards - “The colors of death”. Documentary book project on the Mexican “Day of the death”. Honorable mention. 2016 Moscow International Photo Awards. - “Beyond appearances”. Digital art book project. Bronze. 2016 Moscow International Photo Awards. - “Labyrinth of loneliness”. Digital art. First Selection. 2017. Arte Laguna Prize. Venice, Italy. Design and Publishing. - “The magic of the moment” (1977-2012). Photography and Digital art book. 2012


God´s armour in times of trouble


Digital Art

Artist Statement

In the last few years I have been working on digital creations starting from a digital still photography, but this is only the first step, later on by using graphic design packages I recreate the environment I think it will give more impact to the main character by adding graphic elements that tell a complete story.

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For centuries Mexico, my country, has been a place where religion plays an important role in everyday life in more than 95 percentage of its population. For several generations my family has been a religious one. I am personally a follower of Doctor Norman Vincent Peale´s power of positive thinking in the way of finding inspiration throughout verses contained in the Bible to find inspiration from God in difficult times of any kind that people can face in his lifetime.
In my case, I found spiritual comfort when one of my sons was born and he was in a very critical health situation, I put on practice Dr. Peale´s prescription of reading The Bible, in deep concentration and asking God for help and it worked, my son recovered his health in a miraculous way, even doctors were surprised.
The Spiritual Battle, in my opinion, can take place in many fields, personal or collective. Evil can be a person or a group of people or a situation that challenges our beliefs and if we can overcome the situation with God´s armor, and if we fail, God will gives us another opportunity to fight the battle again and again until we gain in love and understanding.
In the artwork submitted a person is kneeling down as a sign of humility and in a world wide traditional posture for praying, next to him the Roman warrior represents the weapons he can use to win the Spiritual Battle against Evil represented by a demoniac face inside a menacing cloud formation, arrows are spread from this representation of evil.


Raul Lopez Herrera

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I have a catalogue of digital designs for sale, they are printed on professional photographic paper, they vary in size and prices and in themes.
In case someone is interested they can know more about my artistic carrier by entering or contact me on:

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I am most interested in offering my artwork on commision to Art Galleries.

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