Lyndera Hall

Artist bio

Lyndera Hall, Born on the Island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas, B.A. in Administration, At the University of the Bahamas. As her pursuit for art had bloomed, and fashioned by her self taught techniques, she focuses mainly on the semi realism and abstract discipline. Being a Painter, musician and Graphic Designer, focus is emphasized on the vibrant colors, patterns and bright lighting as a hue of her personality and a representation of the Bahamian culture and nature. Majority of the pieces focus on the perspective of Life, through the eyes of a child. Her work has enhanced the spaces of Art Shows, Galleries, Magazine, Online Articles and Festivals in the Bahamas, Caribbean, The U.S. and across the world. The talented artist has participated internationally with SCME (Southwest Center of Microsystem Education) who invited her Alma Mater Freeport Anglican High School to join them in their Annual Science and Art Competition (2009). Participation also in local exhibitions hosted by the Bahamas National Trust (Wine and Art 2017) An International Show feature in the Las Olas Art Festival in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism October 2018. Other local show features include 51st Heart Ball Auction (2017) Entitled “ Matters of the Heart”, Issawybe July 2018, Artist feature in the new and upcoming Bahamian Magazine “ Hot patty” August 2018 Edition, the Current Caribbean, an Online Ccaribbean News and Article Page (2018). Works of Lyndera were also on display in the MAVS visual arts section, August 2018, and also “A Call for Potcakes” Exhibition by the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas in the Autumn Season of 2018. Finally, (March 2019) in the Young Bahamian Artist of the Bahamas Art Show.


March of the Cherubim



Artist Statement

This artwork was created in 2018, entitled "March of the Cherubim" inspired by Ezekiel 1:1 and Psalms 91. Upon reading both scriptures the artist was experiencing challenging warfare in her church and the enemy coming constantly up at her . After seeking the Lord as she usually does for each painting , the Lord had told her that apart from the full armor of God, she needed spiritual reinforcement to overcome the challenges ahead. This piece stars one of heaven's greatest set of Guardian's. As described in the book of Ezekiel 1 the different heads and glorious appearance of this angel, psalms 91 also covers it's protective capabilities in adversity and tribulation. In this painting the cherubim is shown hovering over the sea of blood. It is symbolic of the covering of the blood of Jesus ensigns with the watchful eyes of the cherubim that protects. The cherubim floating over the water symbolizes a faith activated when call on the might cherubim to force a wall or barricade around me, when being faced with opposition. It is apart of a series called "Reinforcement"


Painted by Lyndera Hall; photographed by Clifford Fernander

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work. $6,000. Acrylic on canvas. Email me, or you can also go to my website and click the link that says contact, to receive more information.

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