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Nana S Brown-Wood is my name,I am a young artist. I live in Seattle and art is my escape door for peace and to communicate with God. I am a God taught artist who never pursued art Education. I do not paint unless am directed by the Holy Spirit and by this, working as an artist has given me several revelations about my purpose. I enjoy teaching my friends some forms of painting techniques. God has equipped us for every good work therefore i see myself to have a Kingdoms Art gallery in the future so that i can send the message of God to the ends of the world through art.





Artist Statement

Oil Painting. This work was created out of various layers of oil paint and careful strokes of brush as the artist's aim was to make it easier for the mind of her audience to have a much realistic picture and feel the force of separation through their own imagination, experience and emotions. With the world(physical) in mind, the artist expresses how the reality of the unseen, faith,salvation and hope can merged to become a constant truth as she merges and transitions the clouds in a peaceful but conflicting way, depicting the ability of conquering hard and painful times. The art shows how God's kingdom sees everything and opens flood of Love and protection over his people.

How it fits into contest

I look at this painting and I yearn to rest under God's Love, peace, beauty, power. As the world is a battle ground, filled with issue, depression,anger,hatred,war, since the fall of man. The world has gone about its business amidst all the trial caused by separation which can only be conquered if we consciously put on the armor given us by God. In our daily living, we have been equipped to be strong in his mighty power. (Ephesians 6:10) He reigns above all the difficulties and sees everything we go though. For us to overcome the spiritual battle,separation, the schemes of the enemy in this world, our life should be filled with the attributes of the armor, by living in truth and in all our dealings, try to live right with other people. As we journey through this world and travel, we must be ready to share the gospel of peace. In the painting, the margin of separation between the heaven realms and our world, merge, causing a spiritual fight, symbolizing how hard it is for us to go where we belong as God's people. The world needs faith and believe that God is in control ;and the obstacles in this world has been dealt with. We have Salvation!, his Kingdom awaits us!, and when we pray, we will have access to his strength. Be fearless in this world.
The painting encourages its audience to find deeper meaning in different ways to how life is more than just living as said in Ephesians 6:10-20, by giving room for every individual to connect in their own way as they grow in faith.


I myself, Nana S Brown-Wood is the sole artist.

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Purchase of original work - 25,000
copies are available on request.
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