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Good day my name is Trudian Wade,i am a single mother of three wonderful kids, and who is a self made entrepreneur,I am from the small island of Jamaica where we take creativity and talent to the next level. I am not religious but rather on a spiritual journey and throughout my journey i have been torn, broken,abused and abandoned but "after all i`ve been through i still have joy". This sculptor is titled "Joy" and based on the scriptures Ephesians 6 10-20 and following verses,where it says put on the full armor of god for we fight not against flesh and blood but the principalities of spiritual wickedness in high places... brings me to a page of my book, in a time where i thought no one cared about me after the one i held dearly to my heart died along with carrying around deep physical and mental scars after being in an abusive marriage(resulting in a broken nose and ribs) in a period where doctors had my life playing chess tying to find out the cause of lupus within my body (so they say), a page where all my friends and loved ones abandoned and had forsaken me,called me mad because i dear to follow my dreams, not seeing how much pressure was flooding my mind and body, but through it all,i held my composure, stood firm in what i believed in and got to know God for my self which gave me this vision to create this art from recycled paper, and after all i`ve been through i still have joy. saying that to say this no matter what life throws at you continue to pray, have faith and speak your truth no matter how tough life might gets remember, this too shall pass Trudian Wade- she is a versatile individual who is not only just creative but also very active in her community of Gordon pen as a Carwash owner and as well as the recycling Manager within the Community WHO LOVES TURNING TRASH INTO TREASURES.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

this art work was started when i was at my lowest point has one bad event became a domino effect for other bad event, that initially made me stronger in God and my self, lot of tears was cried when starting this book this art was made up of old directories , tissue, glue, perfume box and old cloth. i like being creative as well as recycling (community recycling) and art runs through my blood from birth but haven't taken it up professionally but i do amazing and unique decor when i get the chance.

How it fits into contest

after reading theses verses it dawned on me that i was living that verse at that precise moment,so i deceide to create a pge from my book called joy (after all ive been through i still have joy) to my understanding if you are not loined with the truth it is easy for some one to trick you tell you the sky is red even when its clearly blue because of lack knowledge you might accept that its red, knowing the word for your self , learn to question reality really helps in this age of advance era. my art work just like the scriptures i wanted to highlight that no matter what never give up, living righteous , give with a willing heart even when the whole world is against you.
Dealing with death of a loved one tend to leave dark thoughts of clouds looming around with the questions of why good people have to die? why good people always allow others to get close only to hurt and leave you even with promises of till death do us part ,but we wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness, even when your friends and famaily leave you and forsake you when you could no longer benefit them and you er left with noting but faith, a dog and a book, just stand with your head high ,pray daily, and speak your truth. while going throught my greive, seperation, and abandonment, i am glad i held on to god and i trusted the process, look at me now from a year ago i thought i would have been dead and this has made me present this art work.


erwin (ej) duhaney

ie 10 years old he his my son

romyra (destiny) copeland

Romeo mcdonald
my kid gave me a lot of motivation

jermaine miller
spouse gave motivation/and mental support

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this master peice is the only one and it is original peice

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