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Im someone with a creative soul! I have always enjoyed visual arts back when I was little. After high school it took a step back as I focused on life. When I was pregnant for my 5 child I went to a paint night and my need to paint resurfaced. I have since then watched many tutorials online and painted on my own for 3 years now. I’ve been daring to make my own compositions, and experience with different mediums.


The way



Artist Statement

This piece was inspired by a song from Casting Crowns. At the end of the song it says where sin leaves a canyon, love builds a bridge. I listen to this group a lot. I was liStening to the words and reflecting on them. I closed my eyes and saw this painting. Saw how there’s many mountains in my life, canyons on how we fall into sin, even if we arm ourself with Gods armour we fall. But how God is Always there to link one mountain to another with his Bridge of love. We just have to keep our eyes on him. The light will show us the way.

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The Way it Spoke to me , what I got from these verses ...that arming yourself with Gods armour means looking up to him, knowing that we fall, but love conquers all things
If we keep our eyes on him, we will walk on the bridge of love, safely while he fights the unseen battle to our eye!
In the light we see his welcoming hands making it brighter then the darkness around us. We have one person on a canyon on his knees praying and one walking along the bridge. The bridge is the cross, where Jesus dies for our sins, and reaches for all the canyons and allowed us to walk safely in the right direction.


Casting crowns for their music, specifically the song the bridge from their only Jesus album. ( I don’t realize the title of the song is thé bridge, i had named my painting the bridge, then looked up the song to give credit and realized it was called the bridge) therefore renamed it as I don’t want to impede on copyrights.
Jacqui Giesbrecht for helping in giving her opinion
My children and my husband for being supportive in my painting
Nathalie Gendron helping in my spiritual walk

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This is an original acrylic painting done on a 16x20 inch canvas.
Price is 110$ not including shipping
Can purchase by contacting me by email/text/call
Visit my Facebook page:
JD ART@jo22gab

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I offer, direct commissions, workshops, painting parties,
I offer a wide range of products.
Pouring, gift baskets, candles, etc

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