Artist bio

I'm a photographer, Videographer and volunteer radio deejay for a non profit community radio station. I love photoshop and creating digital art from my old images. I worked as a surgical tech for thirty years. I'm the Church photographer for Wells Spring UMC and manage our facebook page.


The Armor of God


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My concept is centered around soldiers receiving their Armor of God. Covered by Jesus, they march to delivery the Love of God to God's people. They will not be along. It is a beautiful feeling!!

How it fits into contest

My work shows a modern day concept of receiving the Armor of God. It shows that those who have received their armor are glowing in the lord's love and they will be protected. They are on their way to defeat the Devil and his evil ways. They are covered with the Armor of God!


I,wayne jernigan, created my image from a blank page. I used Photoshop to create the landscape.The trees, the clouds,and the sidewalk. The animals came from a free website for creators( All photos were photographed by me and I owned the rights. Some of the images were taken at funerals, church events, wedding rehearsal, and basketball games.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is original digital artwork and one of a kind. This is a 16x20 images file size can be view at this link

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