Daniel Taylor

Artist bio

I have been an Artist for over 50 years with my mainstay in the arts as a High Realist painter. Im able to paint all forms and styles of work were it also may be contemporary,abstract etc. All mediums acrylic,oil,egg tempera etc. My work in the arts is recognized and on display intentionally. My TV show 'When Paintings Come Alive' ,now into its 7th season, airs internationally to well over 8 million viewers daily. All episodes,variety of subject matters, are created in a positive mode ,encouraging and uplifting.


Cross River Gorilla'



Artist Statement

Also known as a critically endangered species conservationist. I have created this High realist painting of the critically endangered 'Cross River Gorilla' (300 alive) This was created over a period of just 3 months and in a series of 9 endangered species paintings. This was the shortest time to create a painting as it was immanent to bring its attention to an international audience. Most of my work takes 1 year to create. It is widely used as a display in many conservation venues such as with fame Ian Redmond's (Dian Fossey)

How it fits into contest

This painting represents mankind's wanton destruction,at any cost,Gods creation for profit. By trusting and relying upon God you put on a suit of armor understanding that Satan the devil is the god of this system of things 2 Tim.3:1-5 including the destruction of wildlife and to discourage man from acknowledging Gods right to rule. But we have the hope knowing that this will soon come to an end Rev.11:18, John 3:8, Ec.1:4 and Rev. 21:4


African Conservation Foundation' of which I am a part of, is a non for profit organization encouraging education and fundraising toward the preservation of endangered species and one by means through my art work.WWF,Great Ape Foundation and Born Free Foundation.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is a original work. Open edition prints of the 'Cross River Gorilla' may be purchased through Daniel Taylor or the 'African Conservation Foundation' $350.US

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