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Anita Sánchez is Dominican Birth by the grace of God. She is a Dominican visual artist, graphic designer and art teacher, Graduated with honors in Fine Arts Illustration in Altos de Chavón, the design school (2000), has with more than 15 years of experience teaching courses art to adolescent and adult children, it has performed as an illustrator of educational texts for children. She works in Evangelism for women in vulnerable areas of the Dominican Republic. She has participated in exhibitions, competitions and art fairs in Dominican Republic, Spain, Argentina and the United States. He was an artist invited to the Recycled City project of the E Foundation. León Jiménez. Since 2014 he participates in urban art with murals throughout the Caribbean island.


She believes


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece of art is made with mixed media, acrylic, pastel oil, inks and collage.

It was inspired by the struggles of a Christian (Woman) who begins to believe, I thought of myself 18 years ago.

The painting starts from darkness, with bright textures and atmospheres, it represents the world and its temporary pleasures, the arrows are the darts of the enemy, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, therefore on this face inside the heart I wanted to represent our emotions and senses and how we can be vulnerable to attacks by the devil if we don't clothe ourselves in the purity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the lord's armor, which protects our mind, sight and emotions

How it fits into contest

Our face as if it were a heart, represents how emotional we can be, interpret it as a woman of faith who begins to change our lives. Stand firmly. The blue seems to me part of the cover, protecting from the darts
of the enemy. Our eyes, heart, mind, our lips ...

The sword of the word that penetrates the heart, the background is dark and dark or bright arrows attack it, this is how the Lord asks us to be firm and protected with the truth of the gospel.


Ana Sánchez

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