Naomi Yurkov

Artist bio

The artist's name is Naomi Yurkov. Ever since she could remember she has loved to create art, as she grew so did her passion for the arts. She is grateful that by God's grace she is able to glorify Him through what she loves. Naomi draws inspiration through her own experiences as well as the hidden wonders and stories in the world around her. She loves to discover and explore new mediums of visual art and is working to expand her knowledge as well as her ability to visually communicate stories, messages and emotions to any audience. Naomi is currently a full-time student at Sheridan college studying for a bachelors degree in illustration, and resides with her family in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.





Artist Statement

This Work was quite ambitious for me! As a beginner in the textile and fibre art world there were many new techniques to learn in the making of this entry.
Hands and figure were made from dyed sheeps' wool needle-felted around a wire armature. The armor was made with a combination of needle-felting and wet-felting. The bottom flat felt piece was wet-felted and all the pieces placed and secured on a painted foam base.
The goal -in terms of imagery and symbolism- was to present the message in both an easily readable and hopefully interesting way, so that any viewer should be able to draw significant meaning from it!
When looking at the Work from the front, it can be observed that the hands behind the figure resemble wings! The figure is charging forward and pushing through the darkness while wearing the full armor of God. The figure wears lightweight armor inspired by what soldiers of biblical times would wear into battle, to move more easily in hand-to-hand combat. A round shield would be used by these warriors to guard themselves against enemy arrows.

How it fits into contest

When reading about and exploring the contest topic, I was reminded of the times in my own life when I faced Spiritual Battle. There were always a few key verses that would see my family and I through these times of illness, financial and spiritual struggle, one happened to be Psalm 91:4-5
"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day (...)"
-which happened to be included in the related verses! When I meditated on this and the message in Ephesians 6:10-20 I tried to put into words what I had learned through my experience, and what I want to communicate to others. The only reason we are able to engage confidently in spiritual warfare wearing the full armor of God is because we know -with every certainty- that the one and only creator of the universe holds us in His hands and guides us. We charge forward through the valley with full confidence because He has us! I wanted to use the imagery from Ps 91:4-5 to communicate this message (as explained in the description of the Work). He is both our wings and the wind beneath them!


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