Abanoub Magdy

Artist bio

I am Abanoub Magdy, I was born in Egypt and I live there now. I am talented since I was five years old, and I suffered in my childhood and there were many things that hindered my art and no one encouraged me, but art for me is the thing that makes us forget the truth and this is what made me connect with my art, they called me Picasso in the church in Age 12 When I turned 15 I became interested in art history and fell in love with great artists. Like Picasso and Rembrandt, I created a school for the encouragement and service of children in the church and called it the School of St. Luke the Artist. She encouraged them to continue in their art and education, painted on the walls of churches, held workshops in various places, participated in many local and international exhibitions and competitions, and won some prizes. I always thought I was born from yeah, great job


Vivid struggles



Artist Statement

Spiritual wars are often like a battle with the self, like a battle with the forces of evil, a hidden force that is always attached to us, like a lion who waits for the right moment to pounce on its prey. Light and because there is no union of light with darkness and light always defeats darkness and also we have the key to life and this is the complete weapon of God and His soldiers always defend us and always when we come to the light we always live in peace and that is why I put the dove of peace and green colors are a symbol of hope, life and optimism always and as Jesus Christ said as long as you The light, believe in the light, that you may become children of the light.

How it fits into contest

My work is to clarify the spiritual battles, and that there is no union of light with darkness, but there is always a hidden dark force waiting for us, and when this light and this life are extinguished, darkness descends upon us like a lion


In order to create my message, I looked inside, circled within me in my spiritual struggles, and tried to reach my feelings and manifest within me.

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The cost is $10,000

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