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Grew up in a christian family, so of course that meant reading all of the Bible. Parents bounced me between public and homeschooling. Graduated public highschool and went to college where I got my associates in Graphic Design. I am turning 33 this year, recently went through an unfortunate divorce with my wife of 5 years, moved to Illinois which is a different than Texas where I grew up. Growing my graphic design business, and youtube channel (godsquestion). I've worked several other jobs in the past including contracting, maintenance, freelancing, and customer service. I would be a mess without God and all the opportunities He has provided in His loving but mysterious plan. Ephesians sticks out to me now that I have lived through some of what life entails. 2 Timothy reminds us that we are in the end times, and Ephesians is useful for guarding ourselves against the onslaught of evil, found evident in the acts of all humanity. I know for sure that I would not have been able to get this far in life without His help and guidance. Every day has within it new opportunities to learn and grow.


Overcoming the Trials


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Began with Ink illustration to capture feeling, then digitally altered to bring depth and color.

How it fits into contest

My art has definitely been affected by the events that have unfolded throughout my life thus far. A true christian lives through the written word of the Bible and the guidance of God through His many miracles, whether they be in life, or in inspiration from a passage read. Every day is a spiritual battle in one form or another, usually realized after the time has passed. There are so many feelings during and after a Spiritual Battle that I try to capture and express through my art. Never giving up and continuing through Faith in God's plan, thus the Title: Overcoming the Trials, because in the end, the trials are opportunities to better ourselves and usually are blessings in disguise.


Timothy Goodchild created everything to do with this project.

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