Artist bio

My name is Alejandra Acajabon, since I was 7 years old, I always have love to draw and paint. I studied graphic design in school. My dream was to become an artist or an architect, but God had other plans for me. His will for me is to help children, so I became a translator and a medical interpreter. At first it was so hard for me, despite I love languages, because I though I was going to study art when I grow up. Even though that didn't happen, I know Jesus has everything in control. I keep painting in my free time. Art is still my passion, but help children and take them to Jesus is in my heart.


Walking in Victory with God



Artist Statement

To create this artwork, I first imagined a girl with the Armor of God in my mind. I got inspiration of my experiences when I was a little girl and I was praying for my parents. I believe everyone should know how to use the Armor of God. Then I started to draw my first sketches, I decided the color palete and I started to work.

How it fits into contest

This work represents a girl with the Armor of God, but this girl has been teached by God on How to use it. Sometimes we as Christians doesn't know the importance of use everyday the Armor of God. I learn it in a bad way, when I 11 years old I gave up praying for my parents that fight almost every night, I didn’t know how the spiritual world works nor the Armor of God.
So, one day without results I gave up, I was tired. I am pretty sure If I had known how to use the Armor of God my teenage life would have been completely different. Today, I thanks God I know how to use it. So in the painting the everything has a meaning. This girl doesn't has fear of the devil. That is key, because the devil works with fear. But this girl has been praying in the spirit and you can see it in her eye, she has brown eyes but there is a gold sparkle in her eyes. In the bible Gold means divinity and also the perseverance in the test that are presented to us. And she fighted against those lies of the devil, having a victory int he Lord.
All the armor of God is painted with Golden Color, representing divinity, also the sword has a phrase that says: Jesus set me free and in the white sparkle says: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. The background is a mix of different shades of silver, a color that in the bible means redemption. In conclusion this painting shows that no matter how gray a day is if we be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power using his Armor, We are going to walk in victory with God.


Artist: Alejandra Acajabón

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