Dashawn Young

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Dashawn “DaVinci” Young, is a young, passionate, emerging visual artist from Columbus, Ohio. He’s a very versatile artist dedicated towards mastering a multitude of mediums in order to create art that speaks boundlessly.





Artist Statement

Self Portrait Drawing, In Ink, Done In Ballpoint Pen. This Piece Symbolizes How We All As Human Beings Escape Through Our Vices.

How it fits into contest

"Life is a war, which makes everyday a battle to be fought. Stress from the war weighs heavily on warriors whom dedicated their lives towards making sure the war is won. Regardless of how any battle goes, the warrior stays uplifted by maintaining positivity, during hard times, through determination, and even while facing adversity." -Dashawn DaVinci
My quote speaks metaphorically comparing life to a war, and us as people, to warriors. Even though we are challenged on a daily basis, we must remain positive, and find inner peace within ourselves, regardless of our surroundings.
My piece is as representation of how some of us who've fallen ill to negative thoughts, people and environments find protection, and solace, in isolation and intoxication.


Dashawn "DaVinci" Young

How to Purchase this Artwork

Message me on my Facebook page or Dm my Instagram acount to purchase the original, prints, or T-Shirts of "DaVinci" By: Dashawn Young
"DaVinci" original drawing $500
8 1/2 X 11 inch prints available $15
"DaVinci" Black T-Shirt $25

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Commission artwork
Portraits(Drawing painting)
Graphic Design

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