Artist bio

Born in December 1989, in Port-au-Prince, Raynald Beaufort is a versatile artist name"RAYZA" inspiered by a creole originality name. Robts all the energes that surround it. Passionate of art, the few experiences he had allowed him to expand his horizonsand move towards a universe that is his. For him, beaty and creation are inesperable one is nothing without the other symbolizing life, hope, love, peace and freedom brightness reveals his creation from inside. Rayza deforms and destructures his compositions setting them in motion voluntarily complex traces between softness of subject and force colors. He discovers the universe from wihich will be born his passion for drawing . What we needed to rebel is sublimate.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

It's a work dedicated to God because he gave me inspiration. At the beginning the process of creation was a little diffuse, but compared to the various verses read on the app engaged I could find myself and create what God wanted me to do because it is divine.

How it fits into contest

In relation to this work the spiritual battle is what a Christian experiences day by day. And I believe it is a relentless struggle against the forces of darkness that do everything possible to keep us from having direct contact with God. So we need all these weapons to carry out this fight.


God first who has giving me the possibility to create the canvas
Beauzil who made this surface, my sister who always be there for me and who's always looking at me and never told face to face that she's, dad, my mother who sometimes has always the last idea for my paintings, Geneus Jean Clivens my photographer and others...

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