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Just a humble individual with a love for art since childhood. I reside in the beautiful isle of Trinidad. My art style ranges from drawing from imagination or sight and craft. Art page coming soon. V.


The Journey



Artist Statement

This piece is mixed media, predominantly acrylic set on canvas paper. I was inspired by the trials I have faced personally as well as global events; this can be from the main stream media coverage of protests and crime to simple everyday interactions with other individuals.

How it fits into contest

I call this piece "the Journey" upon thinking about our spiritual journey as we traverse this world from earth to heaven through His righteousness. This physical world is merely a small piece in the vastness of eternity and the kingdom of God. As we go throughout our daily lives we are faced with many spiritual challenges, some we may not be able to discern on our own as such, for they are so well disguised. Spiritual attacks can be as simple as , for instance, receiving a negative word from a stranger or even someone close to us which may make us depressed for the day. It is by prayer and relying on God's word (our armor) can we successfully discern this and overcome. Spiritual attacks represented by the words and dark hands. The blood shed represents those slain. the armor behind as evident of prayer and the heavenly gates above; our final resting place at the end of the war. We often take for granted how the ancient words are ever relevant to this modern day society; same war, different disguise.


This was a stand alone work piece. I thank the almighty Creator for His inspiration and execution even while having internal struggles.

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