Artist bio

It is the first time that I exhibit one of my works. If you want to see more of my works, you can contact me by mail and phone that I am providing on this page. Thanks to the inspiration that God gives me, I can enjoy what I am most passionate about, I like working with different materials, ranging from clay to recycled materials, each project that I propose is a challenge, because in general they are things that I have never done before, I have had failures but I have learned from them. "The brain is an ocean that contains a variety of surprises."


I still believe



Artist Statement

I´ll start by saying that God´s ways are amazing and perfect, at the beginning I had something else in mind, but in the end God put in my heart to make this painting.

The paint was created usign recycled material.

The Red Cross, is made of aluminum cans, painted with tempera with effect of brilliance. Above the red cross is across made with two wooden sticks that are used to make icy popsicles.

The pigeon is also made of aluminum jice cans that carries a plastic twig.

The word "Faith" is written with washable glitter glue on a sheet that is a cellphone screen protector.

The woman with a single full arm, was made with aluminum material of tin juices, her clothes are made up of petals of a flower made of fabric.

The golden shield and black background is painted by acrylic paint.

Most of my creatines are based on the use of materials that I have on hand and with that I allow God to guide me and let my imagination run wild.

How it fits into contest

It is related to Ephesians 6: 16-18..

A woman who looks very imperfect, walks in the middle of a dark night, with the conviction that everything will pass, because her shield, the "Faith" is placed in God, that even through adversity, the holy spirit will guide her and that through the word of God she will drive away all those who try to hurt her, she will cross the storm in peace, because she knows that at the end of the journey, she will be able to enjoy the gift that no human could give her, as God did, "salvation" by being in her presence.
And she will say "in the midst of the loneliness I could feel and the difficulties you allowed to happen to me, my phrase was always"; I still believe in you, God. "
Your servant did what you told her to do.


It was created by me, my stage name is "La Peque"

How to Purchase this Artwork

It´s an original artwork,

Possibility of being donated.

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