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My name is Demetrious, as I would consider myself primarily a relational artist, through my life experiences and career paths. That has kept me in constant interaction with a wide variety of people here and abroad. I like to incorporate items of day to day usage.Such as newspaper articles with stenciled or cut out letterworks. To even utilize digital symbols like # or the @ sign mix with graffiti stylization. Even my studies in apparel design and a career in textiles. All of which being mosaically intertwined in my overall body of work. However my current medium of choice being photographic and digital. Has been momentarily sidestepped to revert back to sketching and mix media for the expression of Ephesians 6:10-20.


Transformational Wrestle


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece was almost an instantaneous inspirting I'd say. The moment I had learned about the contest. I grab pad and pencil and with in moments, it was sketched out before me...

Though the color blocking and shading came later on. The concept was locked in, inspite of me looking tbrough my portfolio for existing works that might fit the Ephesians theme.

Interestingly sketching, though not geometrically. Played a pivotal role in my soundly transitioning from a state of homelessness four years ago.That was endured for a two year period of time.

Whereby not just Ephesians 6:10-20, but the word of God was the reality of truth that strengthen and triumphanted me out of the factual realities of those times.

How it fits into contest

Having the sketchwork layed out.initially before me. I can only credit the Holy Spirit for the clarity that follows.The colors began to come to mind.

The red and green would reference the Advent/Christmas...the Word being made flesh/humanity, as well red for the blood.

The central black and white area is where the wresling officiates.The place where our soul salvation is worked out, by the renewing of our mind...better yet as we loose our's and pick up the mind of Christ.

To be mindful, in casting down imaginations...that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Knowing that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Being pursuade of our authority over all the power of the enemy and the kingdom of darkness. To know that the angels of the Lord respond to the voice of the Word. That are purpose to minister even in the circle of our warfare. To aide in our victorious triumph as the light of the world.

Lastly the yellow as it references the Son as our resurrected and seated Saviour. Whereby, the blue symbolizing the skies and heavens above, as well as the Holy Spirit and the peace of God within us. That the rivers of living waters rising up within and flowing out to others around us.


Sole contributor

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This is an original mixed media art work. Prints or poster are present option in securing a copy of this piece.

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