Artist bio

Catherine Conrad is an artist based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, specializing in painting, mixed media, and assemblage. She graduated with a BFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1988, before adventuring up to Alaska. After diagnoses of autoimmune diseases, she moved to South Carolina and started the next stage of her life as a homemaker and a mother. She explores the concepts of journeys, illness, nature, and faith in her art, which have been featured in shows at the SC Juried Art Show, Southworks National Juried Art Exhibition, the Spartanburg Public Library, and the Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg.


The Armor of God


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Satan aims high and, as a Christian, I have been aware of spiritual battle constantly throughout my own life. Satan sees those of us who are close to God and shoots flaming arrows in our direction in an attempt to thwart us from achieving God's perfect plan on our life journeys. God allows these flaming arrows to come near to us in order to strengthen our endurance. At the same time, God protects us by providing us His armor, which is the full spirit of God. My piece, "The Armor of God" is a visual representation of how these arrows are blocked.

How it fits into contest

"The Armor of God" is planted firmly on the solid Rock of Peace, which is represented by silver Lemay and gray fabrics at the bottom of the left-hand side. The flaming arrows that Satan shoots at us is represented by torn white linen cutting through the center. The Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Righteousness are colorful accessories on the center right-hand side. The Helmet of Salvation represents the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore. It is made up of vines, hair, and gold thread, which make the piece 3-D. The Sword of the Spirit is made up of shiny gold Lemay at the top of the piece.

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