Artist bio

Growing up I have always had a love for art, this love soon became a fire, and that fire, a passion. I grew up immersing myself and free time into notebooks, markers, pencils, and coloring sheets for hours. It was not long before family members began to compliment and encourage my fascination with art. My focus is portraiture and I use various mediums to include oil paint, acrylic, and oil pastels.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Bright colors are a staple within my work along with portraiture. In this piece, I experimented with design to give the piece an erratic tone along with random head placement as a visual representation of having a lot on one's mind.
Mediums: Crayola Oil Pastels, Elmer's Glue, Crayola Crayons

How it fits into contest

The piece displays my battle of faith in recent months while dealing with a lot on my mind that only sorted out with prayer.


No one else was involved in creating this piece.

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