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I like to dabble with many forms of expression such as; photography, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, dance, writing, and painting. I relate most with oil on canvas because of the intriguing colors that can be created by blending paints.


When All I Saw Was Fire



Artist Statement

The balance between perception and reality fascinates me. The art that I partake in stems from memories that evokes a feeling in me. Someone once told me that a sunset sky is Gods canvas. I have always been drawn to a multitude of colors because I feel they have a way of expression unlike anything I've experienced. My process of painting is smattering colors on a canvas with a palette knife until something emerges from them.

How it fits into contest

A spiritual battle is very much unseen from a human perspective. In order to explore it we need look internally. As mentioned before the use of color in my work is essential. Some colors force the eye to bounce between the two, creating a contrast. In this specific piece the use of blue and orange, complimentary colors, represents a struggle. Personally as an artist I like to view the beautiful parts of the world, however I understand that there are very raw and ugly unseen parts of the world too. My painting "When All I Saw Was Fire" is a visual depiction scratching the surface of issues with the underlining of a deeper problem. Though it may appear beautiful or calm to some there are others that can relate to the anxiety or unease of it. No problem, despite its outward appearance, should be belittled. Relating much to Ephesians spiritual battle which is unseen and rarely understood by many.


Kirsten Sherick -painter

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work, no copy
Can be purchased by contacting artist Kirsten Sherick at

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Will do commissioned work after viewing my previous art and understanding my style of art.

Currently presenting dance sessions on YouTube with ArtistYear AmeriCorps CHA-CHA educational YouTube series.

Experience in curating community art shows.

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