Artist bio

Flawed and Imperfect , Life in a disarray, People might say stay away Though it's not what I would say Ask my Girls ,Whose breath I take away. ...Mom of two who finds her daily inspiration in her scribbles in words and colors


A little bit of me!!!!



Artist Statement

Aryclic and Watercolor Based
Process would be free flow.
I let my thoughts guide my scribbles in color...and each of them tells a story of my mind that minute

How it fits into contest

I am trying to wage a war within myself to be better.To find out who i am..and why i am the way i am.My memories are my guide and the path i want to walk on is in front if me ..but to find is the hardest task of all.


My Lovely Daughters..who make me a better person each and everyday.I am not a perfect mom nor a sane one but they make me feel like i am which is the best gift a mom can every get.

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