Artist bio

I been a artist all my life drawing from the time I was kid mostly for hobby into my adult I sometime sell art and craft at a boot to tourist at different locations on the island. I do wood carvings of cat boats , schooners and people in my spear time also. Am a carpenter by trade and free lance self employed construction worker at 47 years old I enjoy every minute I can find to paint, I work with oil acrylic and water colors. I paint what ever inspirers me horses,cows, people, landscapes ,birds in all sizes from minority or study. In resent years some of my paintings and cat boats have been displayed and sold at pure art gallery and gift shop in Grand Cayman.


The prayer



Artist Statement

First religious piece I’ve ever done but it came natural to me every one prays once and while And I like to include common human behavior in my work in this case by a normal non Christian man.

How it fits into contest

When you pray God is at work Praying is a supernatural and natural way to fight spiritually against the forces of darkness .
The hand in my painting is the HAND of God that catches the arrow of the wicked and brakes it into pieces from harming you.
metaphorically the white dove is God or one of his angels destroying or defeating satan or the forces of evil which is represented by a red snake.



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