Maria Tian

Artist bio

I am from Pennsylvania, USA and am a painter and general art enthusiast. God and his word has given me so much hope, love, and purpose and it is an honor to produce art for him.


The Armor of God



Artist Statement

This artwork is a blend of impressionism and free draw. The piece consists of watercolor paint for the nature background and colored pencils for the fine details on the knight and Jesus. The painting complements my passion for impressionism.

How it fits into contest

The piece highlights a knight, who wears the Armor of God. Like the passage, anyone like the knight who humbles and submits themselves to the heavenly father is connected with God himself. The painting shows that Jesus is personally bestowing the helmet of salvation onto the knight as a symbol that salvation is a two-way relationship. There is a patch of grass around Jesus`s feet to represent that only Jesus gives life. When we put on the armor of God, we are strengthened in God and as in the painting, all the evil and temptations will be far from us.


Maria Tian- completed everything: drawing, painting, sketching, coloring.

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