Veena Bhola

Artist bio

My name is Veena Bhola, I am self taught artist and hobbyist. I was recently laid off and decided to focus on my art to see if people enjoy my expression. I have an art page on Instagram called free.of.doubts where is upload my art therapy.


War in the form of worship



Artist Statement

Two images reflecting each other. A young believer. It shows that when you pray and eat and drink food from the Bible/ God, you gain strength and is strapped on with God’s armor.

How it fits into contest

The drawing shows a child worshiping (humble and committed). On the flip side a worrier ready for battle (strong and confident). I wanted to show that to me, putting on the armor of God is the same as knowing who you worship and knowing that he is your armor. That you may think that you are defenseless but in reality, you are equipping yourself to flight for God.


I created the concept and the drawing.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original drawing. I can be contacted via email- The price is 1000usd. It is a drawing on regular drawing paper.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I am experimenting with oil painting. And I love to draw with color pencils.

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