Mike Bright

Artist bio

I'm Mike Bright. I specialize in creating paintings that tell the story of God's grace. I studied art, theology, and business at the University of North Dakota, Minnesota State University, and Luther Seminary. I graduated with business and theology degrees. In 1982 my art journey started as a fine art photographer. In 2014 I became a fine art painter. When I'm not painting I enjoy backpacking and swimming in Lake Michigan.


Divine Armor



Artist Statement

“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10 NASB Bible) The enemy brings fire storms in many forms today. I wanted to show a fierce, napalm bomb sort of fire to represent our dangers. The naked man holding the Bible represents our fragility and inability to fight evil powers and principalities on our own. God is not about to abandon us in our time of need. God provides the armor, guidance, hope, and protection every second of our life. I like showing God granting protection through his messengers, the angels. My aim was to show the contrast between the battle and God’s protection.

How it fits into contest

My painting reflects the text by showing the struggles between the powers and principalities and God’s protection. I showed each piece of armor to spark our memory around what each represents… girded loins - truth, breastplate - righteousness, shoes - preparation of the Gospel of peace, shield - faith, and the helmet - salvation.


Mike Bright

How to Purchase this Artwork

The origional painting is acrylic paint on stretched canvas, $850.

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