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Individual personalities with their subtle nuances are Eva Crawford’s focus as she paints or draws beautiful vessels of the human soul. Her art began at age three and hurdled its way through a BFA from UNC-Chapel Hill, taking a side trip designing furniture, then embracing an unexpected season teaching high school art where her greatest joy was coaching students to be confident and honest through their artmaking. However, the students and her own 5 children, which include a son from Uganda, taught Eva to reevaluate her own beliefs and values which transformed her art to be about humans and their stories. Her portraits are grounded in relationships with those we love, with those we feel compassion, and with those whom we do not yet understand. Eva’s desire is to give visual voice to fellow humans using portraiture to foster ultimate healing in a society and world where we do not take the time to see, listen and hear one another.Her work stretches beyond the human form to the spiritual, sometimes manifesting itself in unexpected depictions of birds, chairs or collage illustrated poetry. Kintsugi ushers in even more ways to express her desire to see closely the overlooked or discarded. The mending process is life-giving and is easily taught. No matter what her hands make using brushes, scissors, or glue, at the heart of it all is story. Listen with your eyes.


Eternal Strength



Artist Statement

“Eternal Strength” is acrylic on canvas and is a response to an event I attended a year ago. (Please read below) The painting is a blend of figural realism (using my own reference photo) and conceptual setting representing a spiritual battle. The work fits within my current body of work as I explore how a person reflects their physical, mental and spiritual environments. You are invited to dive into the abstracted areas of the painting, swim around in the unexpected colors and textures and tread among the realistic details. Move over their skin tones, to their eyes and to their souls. Especially moving to me at this time is the inclusion of two ethnicities and that the black male is the one connected to the Spirit necessary to stand firm and be supportive in the darkness.

How it fits into contest

On March 8, 2019 I watched the premier performance of “Songs from the Spirit” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. My friend and choreographer Silas Farley, his wife Cassia and a small troupe from the NYC Ballet filled the halls of the vast museum with the lament and praise of the Gospel. My urgent response was to come home and paint. The moment that inspired this work of art was when Silas and Cassia gracefully danced through the Chinese Garden Court in prayerful movements to the words and melody of “There is a Balm in Gilead.” Cassia’s posture right down to her despondent eyes contrasts Silas’s Christ-like outstretched arms and upward gaze. The garden was still and white, but I saw a battle. Cassia at the end of herself as she leans on the Silas’s external and eternal strength. His eyes are cast upward to the unseen God, the unseen Spirit. Nevertheless, he holds fast with “eternal encouragement and good hope.” -2 Thessalonians 2:16.


Eva Crawford

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Original acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang

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I am available for commission acrylic, oil or watercolor paintings and charcoal drawings. My strengths are portraiture.

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