Elena Wright

Artist bio

I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, in January 1947. I attended Catholic schools. My mother was widowed in 1957 and married a military man in 1959. My two brothers and myself then traveled to Ulm Germany for my stepfather's tour of duty. In 9th grade in Germany, I met my husband to be and we married when I was 18 and he was 20. He also was in the military. We have three daughters and three grandchildren and have been married for 54 years. We have lived in multiple places and finally settled in Wilmington, NC, where I have a home studio and am also a member of an art community at theArtWorks™ in downtown Wilmington. I work on something art related every day and wake up grateful to be able to do this work. In 2001, a year before I retired from a technical job in the Defense Department, I took an adult education stained glass evening class and fell in love with glass. Since then, I've added fused (melted) glass bowls and platters, cast glass, mosaics, and collages to the list of glass related products I create. I also took 40 semester hours of art classes along with many short-term classes and workshops. I try to design and fabricate work that will edify the spirit of the people who see it or buy it. After studying comparative religion on my way to what I thought was becoming a fashionable Buddhist, I became a Christian in January 1977 at the age of 30. I'm the only human on my team.





Artist Statement

This artwork is composed of glass I melted in a kiln, cut glass, tumbled glass, and tile. The figures of Adam and Eve were cut from glass and painted with Reusche traditional glass paint mixed with glove oil and fired in a kiln. Each component was glued onto a piece of Wedi board (a board also used for tiling bathrooms because it is composed of a foam center sandwiched between cement board), then grouted and framed. The Eve figure is juggling dichroic glass fruit. Dichroic glass is especially reflective. The Adam figure is contemplating. This work captures a moment in time when people have a choice to make on which path to follow. We constantly are faced with decisions we think are big or tiny choices and we are bad judges on which are which. In this case, Adam and Eve made the wrong choice and sin entered the world. This piece was not inspired by one scripture but by how our free will affects our paths in this life and the next.


Just me! Elena Wright

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work. I could not duplicate it because many of its components were made in my kiln and I also put in found objects. If someone wants this work, they should come to Wilmington, NC, and buy it. It will probably be inherited by one of our children. It would be extremely hard to ship. It is priced at $600 plus 7% NC sales tax. It is currently on display in my downtown studio/gallery at theArtWorks.™ 200 Willard St., Wilmington, NC 28403.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I just finished a series of angel collages and they are not happy. I am currently working on multi-media landscapes. In the downtown studio are fused glass bowls and platters too. I don't teach. Time is winding down so home duties and creating art are my priorities.

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