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Muthukrishnan Narasimhan is an artist and a computer engineer. He loves to do pencil drawing, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings. He is member of Saratoga Arts Center since 2016 and which triggered childhood artistic skills. His artwork reflects on different traditional and cultural aspects mainly from India.


Indian Classical Dances – Kathakali



Artist Statement

“Indian Classical Dances” is to showcase and promote the key regional performing art from various states of India. This is tribute from me to all the dance gurus (teachers), who are professionally trained and are holding the tradition of those dances that identifies the region and the community, and encourage them to continue doing & pass it to the next generations. Kathakali is a performance art in state of Kerala, India.

My artwork depicts and reflects the different cultural, traditional, and regional dance forms of India, its history, and its connection with Natya Sastra (an ancient encyclopedic treatise on the performing arts). It will represent a unity of core ideas in a diversity of styles, costumes, and expression. My artwork will enhance the knowledge of performing arts, develop the cultural aspect for our viewers & community, as well as to encourage them to learn these dance forms to pass on the traditional to the next generations.

How it fits into contest

Kathakali is a performance art in state of Kerala. The term Kathakalī is derived from “Katha” which means "story or a traditional tale", and “Kali” which means "play, performance and art". The dance symbolizes the eternal fight between good and evil. The stories are usually from the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It incorporates movements from ancient Indian martial arts and athletic traditions of South India. It has elaborate costuming consisting of head dresses, face masks and vividly painted faces that the traditionally male actor-dancers wear.


Selvarani Sangaran - My wife has been the inspiration to kick start my childhood artistic skill in late 2016. She has supported me in this journey.

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Yes, my artwork an original work.
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Visual Art - Acrylic Painting

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