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Since the late 90s, I started painting abstract works on canvas in acrylics, following many years of illustrating with Prismacolor pencils. My works have been selected to be exhibited in the United States--locally, regionally, and in California; in Rome, Italy; and in London, England. In 2016, I created a series of 10 abstract paintings for HUMANILTY.ORG, a Christian children's ministry in Cebu, Philippines. Fred and I have been married 53 (in 2021), have one son, Fred, our daughter-in-law, Kristin who lead a local ministry, CityReach Church Cumberland; and Fred owns 14 automobile/motorcycle dealerships in three nearby states. We are grandparents to 3 adult grandchildren,--Fredrick, Caroline, and Lauren Timbrook. Presently, I am a board member of 1stWay Pregnancy Crisis Center, in Cumberland, Maryland. My husband and I are retirees.





Artist Statement

In 2009 I painted "VAPORS", in reference to James 4:14 that states,
"Whereas ye know not what (shall be) on the morrow. For what (is) your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." (KJV)
Having been mainly an abstract artist for most of my life, (beginning in the 60s as a teenager), I determined this artwork to exhibit a "fading away" of life by silhouetting them, and included flowers to symbolize, too, the brevity in the plant world. The background building's inscription connects two areas of my life:
The first area of connection, "James & Sons", stands for the Word of God that came into the Timbrook Family; and, the second area of connection, "Est. 1971", stands for the year that salvation entered our family. And, then, there is an arrow pointing upward, coming from behind a fence: pointing to Eternity in Heaven, following a measured amount of space and time on earth.

How it fits into contest

Every part of my artwork, "Vapors", relates to the Ephesians 6:10-20 passage on the Spiritual Battle. I know that for me, (since having been born-again in 1971), every day that I have lived, and do live, and will live, is both a Vapor and a Spiritual Battle because both the natural and the spiritual realms dwell and function in me simultaneously, all the time. I am aware of my own "vapor"--my brevity on earth. For me, VAPOR has included tragedy, sorrow, and pain; but, it has also included prosperity, success, and healing. However, in order that my VAPOR be overlaid with a Holy and Eternal Robe, it breathes, it exists solely on the Whole Armor of God.


My husband, Fred E. Timbrook

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$1400.00. Contact the artist for details.

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Services: contract work-for-hire.
If someone is seeking an artist to paint abstract, colorful, and contemporary, please contact me.

As of today, 2021, I work as an abstract artist, mostly painting in acrylics on canvas.
But, since the 90s, my career has included a variety of styles and genres--
from pencil drawings of animals, to weaving together paintings, and to arranging mosaic,
abstract works, both large and small.

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