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I am a Mystic Expressionist with a woman's unique vision and perspective. I studied art at the feet of my grandmother, Janet Sobel, who is represented in many museums including MOMA. My painting, "Four Quartets," 8' by 12' hangs in a central position in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for the Arts (home of the Philadelphia orchestra) , and 3 of my angel paintings were recently shown at the "Outsider Fair in NYC and purchased and added to the collection of Ryan Brown.


Archangel Michael



Artist Statement

I say a prayer and ask my angels to come through my hands and my art materials. I asked for grace for my beloved family and for all God's children and Archangel Michael came through. I love this painting and keep it in my bedroom for protection. It's acrylic on canvas.

How it fits into contest

6: 16 " Above all taking the shield of faith , wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the firey darts of the wicked." and right there is what I do my best to live by ...


Only me.

How to Purchase this Artwork

It's an original painting : Acrylic on canvas. People can see my art on my website : or on Instagram acs_fineart. If they are interested in purchasing one of my paintings, they can e mail me:

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I am working on a book of inspirational art. So far I have about 300 small paintings which I publish on Instagram. A lot of my followers say that my work inspires them.

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