Saikat Mridha

Artist bio

I'm a self taught photographer, videographer, editor, director, cinematographer, colorist. Have shot the film just by myself, acted in it although I don't consider myself as an actor and there were no options to have someone else as actor due to the lock down situation. The female actor in the film is Samadrita Dutta, my wife. She is an IT Professional and helped me out acting in the film.


I wanna be free



Artist Statement

I was caged inside my studio apartment in a winter as I had broken my leg and I was living continents away from my family and friends. More than my leg, my heart was broken as being alone I could see everything else were moving around me except myself being stuck at home.
This is a moment in one evening during those days, captured my emotion using my Nikon D7100 camera- "I wanna be free".

How it fits into contest

When I was broken down in a tiny apartment continents away from home, my inner spirit wanted to give up everyday. And everyday I was trying to make it understand, it's gonna get over one day.


Saikat Mridha

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It's a digital photo.

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