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Caroline East Harnish was born in Philadelphia, PA. Her father was a college professor and her mother was an artist who always gifted her with art supplies. Caroline lived in Europe for 22 years. She was street artist, and travelled thru Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Her art was influenced by the German Romantic artists and the classic Italian scenery. Caroline also lived in Florida, where she was in the Sarasota Herald tribune, Sarasota magazine, & on local tv for painting murals in 19 Italian restaurants. Presently Caroline lives in South Carolina, where she displays artwork at the Universal cafe, and creates murals for churches.


Put on the Armour of Light



Artist Statement

. Put on the armour of light is a phrase from Romans 13:12. This painting depicts 3 figures reaching towards the light from which the shield, the helmet, & the sword emerge. I create artwork with spiritual themes; the most recent one being " Pathways of the Prophets".

How it fits into contest

In Ephesians 6, the theme is the armour of God. Romans 13:12 parallels this, " So let us cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light." In this artwork, the saints reach for their " armour of light" descending towards them.


Caroline East Harnish, designed and painted this image.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original- painting 20x16 inches, a rylic on canvas. Theme is spiritual battle.150. ...Copy...20.

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Commissions, acrylic painting class, wall murals

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