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I was born in Havana City, Cuba, migrated to Jamaica in 1995 where I currently live. I am a Consultant Pediatrician. As a child I loved to draw, but hectic school asigments in High School and Medical School kept me away from the hobbie. Those busy days as a young doctor conspired to keep me from painting. Eventually I have decided to resume painting!.. and I am loving it!


Astral message



Artist Statement

A Sunflower projects itself from the tumultuos Planet Earth to The Heavens.

How it fits into contest

In this paint the Sunflower, presents The Armor of God, The Shield of Faith in which
we witness evidence of the immemorial struggle between good and evil.
This Sunflower valiantly rises from the confused and tumultuos physical plane, to reach the heavenly realms where the struggle takes place against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil.
The convoluted green stem of the flower alludes to the spiritual battles of human beings for their resurrection and immortality, biblically speaking the color green signify hope in the victory of life over death and hope in the victory of good over evil. All human races partake in this hope, seeing here as 3 leaves (blacks, whites, asians).
The yellow-gold ray florets bear a threefold interpretation: 1) Armor of God, 2) Glory of God 3) Faith in God. The florets are bathe and held together by an intense scarlate pigment which represents the shed blood of Jesus.
These yellow- gold and red colors (and their meanings) progressive and definitely move towards the center of the flower, therein to engulf a fading black spot, which represents the defeated evil.


Sole contributor is the author: iyer ramos

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work. Acrylic on 100% canvas panel.
For purchase: www.ArtPal. com/ramosiyer AND

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