Artist bio

I am a retired Art and English Teacher currently living in Belize Central America. I am originally from Washington DC and I have been into the Arts for as long as I can remember. I love expressing myself through the visual arts because it is limitless. Your imagination can lead you to so many enchanting places. I chose this contest to participate in because I am a humanitarian who strongly believes in balance and justice. I hope that my art is used to further this cause. Only myself.


Guardians of Humanity


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork embodies my perception of the current state of our great nation. I am using these powerful iconic images 'The Statue of Liberty' and the 'Lady of Justice' to give the viewer a sense of the ideals of liberty and justice. Ideals that our country aspires to but needs constant reminders of these values. These values are so utterly important that our very existence as a free and open democratic society depends on our diligence in keeping them in our hearts and in our minds.

How it fits into contest

These powerful icons The Statue of Liberty and The Lady of Justice are guardians and in a sense warriors of the kinds of ideals that are part of the spiritual battle that we now face in America. They are there to remind us to use our spiritual resources to fight the indignity of oppression, the corruption and greed that we experience throughout our institutions.


Kimberley Adele Muriel-Harris

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