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Profile Paragraph Neeraj,( born 1969) is an alumni of the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. As an extremely talented public art specialist , he is the President Delhi Art Society. He is an expert of Indian art & aesthetics, folk and village art forms….Not forgetting his love and dedication for the environment. From 2003 to 2017 he has showcased a number of outstanding solo shows like "KALYUG", Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, " KAYAKALP", "THE INNOCENT EYE", "ENDURING STONES DEEP WOODS" ,"HORIZONTAL VERTICALS", "FOLK STRANGERS" and many more at India Habitat Centre - Visual Arts Gallery… India international centre and forums of cultural exchange at various occasions. He is the proud winner of Sahitya Kala parishad Award , 28th Annual Art Exhibition, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi in 2004… Best sculptor award in 77th Annual art Exhibition of AIFACS in 2005 and Lorenzo ilMagnifico SILVER award at the XIth Florence Biennale, Italy in October 2017. He has represented India in many important international art Biennales, Santorini Biennale (Greece) - 2017, XIIth Florence Biennale (Italy) - 2017, Beijing International Art Biennale (China) - 2019, Jerusalam Biennale - 2019 and important Contemporary art events of Europe - Nord Art - 2018 and Woollahara Small Sculpture Prize (Sydney, Australia) -2018., Oak Bay Arts Alive Sculpture Walk , Public Art Programme at Vancouver , Canada.


From the Smithy of Soul



Artist Statement

I see nature and spirituality as a collaboration, in this work Smithy of Soul. I selected wooden materials with distinct physical properties—such as veins or burls in wood—and allows these elements to suggest foams and shapes. As a direct carver, I believe “liberating” forms is an almost mystic practice. This is what I redeem when I give the idea of the everlasting in this work, Works that are a synthesis between nature and the idea of rootedness that weaves into reality ; it bridges both genres. This work tells us that ideas of association and iconography are particularly significant in the streams of consciousness. Since sculpture relates to our bodily feelings, we find ourselves totally involved , emotionally, physically, as well as intellectually, even as we contemplate them.The alien inspiration is masticated so well that the art becomes dazzlingly novel; a coin from the artist’s own mint.

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Good art is not descriptive, but a carrier of culturally distilled emotions. I believe the displacement of the living and the organic from our civilization has gone too far with the development of the machine and machine-like minds. This has led to the dehumanization of art itself. We have become just too regulated and narrow. A disaster for our own humanity. Think of climate change! What folly. Truer artists groom the heart to spiritual health.


My Mentor Keshav Malik

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Cost - 8,000 $
Directions - I can send the work directly

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