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Dr. Deborah Kuster has been involved in the field of art education for over 40 years, having taught art to all ages in schools and museums. She is Professor Emeritus of Art Education at the University of Central Arkansas. Her art is created by cutting, assembling, sewing, and forming her hand-woven textiles into two- and three-dimensional works. They are visual interpretations of the lingual. She has created her art in response to Scripture, favorite authors, and even her grandchildren. Her work has been exhibited and published locally, nationally, and internationally. More information can be found at





Artist Statement

I create my art by cutting and piecing fabrics that I have previously handwoven on my Gilmore floor loom. I make two- and three-dimensional artworks, and have been creating vessels since 2016. My handwoven, pieced, formed, and embellished vessels have “feet” of clay. They are tenderly made to suggest our human experience, one of brokenness and weakness, yet beloved and redeemed by God.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6:10 begins with “be strong” or “be strengthened” just as Paul had prayed earlier in Eph 3:16 that out of His glorious riches God may strengthen us with power through His Spirit.
My vessel titled "Strengthened" twists as it presses upward on its clay, earthbound feet. It has gaps and weak areas held up by crystal beads representing His unseen, but supporting Spirit. I always want my flawed vessels to have a beauty. I embellished and filled in and even emphasized the “weak” areas to suggest the truth that it is when we are weak, that we are strong (2 Cor.12:10).



How to Purchase this Artwork

Strengthened is original work created in 2020.
Media: Handwoven textiles, glass beads, terracotta clay,
Processes: Weaving, machine and hand piecing and sewing, beading.
Contact me through email:
Purchase from me directly or through galleries when work is on exhibition.

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requested teacher workshops, retreats, and other community, church, or non-profit organization events.

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