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I've truly been blessed throughout my career, spanning 45 years, as a sculptor, author and fine art instructor. A few notable commissioned pieces include a 10 foot historic bronze statue titled "Mother of All Life", installed at the Boyko Research Center in Israel. This is the first sculpture of it's kind in the Holy Land that represents the biblical character Eve. During the installation I was privileged to walk the stations of the cross. I had a profound spiritual awakening which deeply influenced my journey in faith, for which I am eternally grateful. Additionally, I created a 35 foot tall monument titled "Archangel", representing St. Michael, for the Walt Disney Company. The opportunity to create my patriotic statue "Remembrance" for the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation was a humbling experience for me as a veteran. The sculpture honors Americas Fallen Heroes and Gold Star Families and has become a national symbol of freedom, service and sacrifice. Closer to home, in N.C. limited editions of "Remembrance" are installed in Waxhaw's Military Wall of Honor and The Stumptown Park Veteran Site, in Matthews. Also in N.C. the Scott Safety Corporation, manufacturing equipment for first responders, commissioned a bronze firefighter titled "Hero" for installation in their Monroe corporate lobby. The desire to share my knowledge led to teaching sculpture classes at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and The National Academy School of Fine Art in NYC. Subsequently, I conduct sculpture workshops and retreats throughout the US and in Tuscany, Italy. In 1997 I wrote my first instruction book titled the "Portrait in Clay" and in 2010 completed "Sculpting the Figure in Clay". Both books are Penguin Random House publications, distributed world wide and translated in 5 languages. Wanting to use God's gift of artistic talent plus have a deeper spiritual impact and personal connection with my audience, I developed an original extreme sculpting presentation titled 'Passion in Clay". I perform at various Christian venues around the country celebrating Jesus and making Him known, through my Passion performances, in a unique and compelling way. Jerod Chambers: Owner of Chambers Media Studios and Director of Media for Globe Life Ins. He held positions of Creative Director at Lifepointe Community Church in Fort Mill, S.C. and Senior Director of Communication and Production at Transformation Church in Indian Land S.C. Prior to these positions Jerod was Director of Video at Preston Trail Community Church, McKinney, Texas. Nate Siemon: Started as a student pastor at Lifepointe Christian Church, Fort Mill S.C. in 2005 and is currently their Lead Pastor.





Artist Statement

I felt compelled to make a statement about love and peace amid today's culture of division, violence and hate, hence my sculpture "Prince of Peace" was born. First I made a 15 inch clay sketch to work out the composition and proportions of the sculpture before enlarging it to full scale. The large piece required a well constructed armature made of vertical and horizontal pipes bolted to a board. This armature grid was needed to support the 400 lbs. of clay used to complete the project. Utilizing various tooling techniques I combined traditional realism with abstract shapes to create a uniquely personal and contemporary artistic representation of Jesus. The flat smooth planes in contrast with the rounded textured forms create a lively play of light and shadow representing good and evil moving across the surface of the sculpture. The abstract design and contours of the folds in the robe are defined and enhanced by the sharp edging of the forms. The continuous flowing rhythm from one form to another unifies the piece and represents harmony and hope. The cross over His heart, as one, represents Christ's eternal love and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us. The overall geometric composition of the sculpture gives it a powerful presence.
Upon completion of the large gray clay figure, I had to cut it into 5 sections which were hollowed and allowed to air dry. Each dried section was then kiln fired to 1700 degrees over a 2 day firing cycle. The fired clay sections tend to shrink a bit and turn white in the process. The fired sections were reassembled and locked into their original position to create the final form.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6:10-20
"The Prince of Peace" fits into the topic, the Spiritual Battle because the the only way to conquer evil is to wear the full armor of God which is embodied in Jesus, the inspiration for my sculpture. His mighty power and promise to protect us from evil is portrayed in the peaceful upright posture and open arms of the pose. Only in Him can we find the belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness as expressed in the gentle tilt of the head, facial expression and hand gesture. He alone is the shield in faith, the helmet of salvation, represented in the cross, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. Jesus wrapping Himself around humanity is the ultimate victory and is what I set out to express and convey in my sculpture

Psalm 91:1-6.
The artful representation of the Lord's opened arms symbolizes and speaks to, whoever dwells in the shelter of the most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. He is my refuge and my fortress my God in whom I trust. Again the symbolic gesture of opened arms and formidable presence conveys, covering you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge.


Peter Rubino

How to Purchase this Artwork

"Prince of Peace" is a one of a kind original fired clay sculpture. It is available for purchase by contacting me directly.
email: phone 203-733-2388. Price is $12,000. A base, transportation and installation are not included but can be negotiated depending on installation location. Visit to view 2 minute video and read brief history about this piece.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I speed sculpt a 225 lb. monumental clay portrait/bust of Jesus in 15 minutes choreographed to contemporary Christian music. This divinely inspired performance is titled "Passion in Clay" I am available to provide spiritual enrichment through my passion performance at Church services, Church fundraisers, Pastor conferences, Leadership retreats, Christmas and Easter celebrations, Christian festivals, Corporate or non profit events and more. Kindly visit to view a 2 minute video presentation of my performance and booking information. There is also an opportunity to purchase an affordable small collectible table top sculpture of Jesus at I'm happy to provide information about portrait sculpture commissions upon request. contact me at Thank you. Peter Rubino

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